17 Best Scooter Ramps For 2021 – Reviews & Analysis

Best ramp for scooters – Guide and comparison

If you’re looking for the best scooter ramp that money can buy, but you don’t have much time and can’t do the necessary research before making a decision about a model, we’ll cover you. After reviewing what previous users and experts have said about popular options, we have come to the conclusion that the Landwave Starter Kit is worth considering. This ramp can be assembled without tools and is ideal for home use. It is made of solid material and consists of a bridge and two ramps. In addition, it can be extended because it is compatible with other similar products from the same manufacturer. The built-in rubber feet make the device safe and prevent it from slipping during use. If this model is missing, look at the 4-sided pyramid Landwave.

17 Best scooters (reviews) in 2021

It’s rather annoying to buy a good boom roll, especially if you’ve never done it before. To be useful, we have made a list of articles that have received positive feedback from users and professionals.

LandwaveSkateboard starter kit with 2 jacks and 1 bridge

This option is ideal for bicycles, RC cars and integrated skates and is patented in the United States. It consists of a bridge and two ramps, which can be easily assembled without special tools. Depending on the supplier, there are different mounting options and can be extended if you decide to buy other products from the same manufacturer.

The model is made of solid materials and has a balanced surface, which makes it safe and practical. The accompanying rubber feet make it fairly stable compared to other homologues, which are also available. Landwave offers all its customers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t forget that the seller, before ordering, has indicated that this product will be delivered in several boxes because of its size. This allows packages containing it to arrive separately.

  • For

This unit is quite impressive and consists of two slopes and a bridge. You can put it together as you see fit.

Previous customers have discovered that this ramp is easy to install and that no special tools are required.

The selection can be expanded when you decide what you want. Additional compatible parts can be purchased from the same retailer.

Because it can be used with integrated roller skates as well as skateboards, this item is in the opinion of current users quite universal.

  • Other

One customer indicated that the model was narrower than he expected. However, most users are satisfied with the design and recommend it to others.

Some customers indicated that they had only received parts of the plane. However, the reseller claims that the product can be supplied in several packages because of its size.

Country pyramid skateboard set with 4 frames and 1 deck.

If you need a good alternative with at least four slopes and a central bridge, you should definitely take a look at the four-sided Landwave pyramid. This option can also be used by skaters and must be compatible with RC cars and BMX bikes.

If you are not technically equipped, you will be happy to know that this slope is easy to build, even for beginners. No tools are required for assembly. The design of this product is patented in the United States.

In addition, those interested in a wider selection should be aware that this article is also compatible with additional parts distributed by the same manufacturer. This set is ideal for use on the farm and can be used for training at home.

The ramp is made of durable materials and has a flexible surface and rubber feet that make it non-slip.

  • For

This choice consists of four practical ramps and an intermediate bridge and can be installed in different configurations.

Due to its versatility, this device can be used by skateboarders as well as roller skaters and motorcyclists.

It is easy to set up and install because there is no need to invest in special tools.

In addition, the casting surface is covered with a material that makes it balanced. This choice also has rubber feet that can prevent accidents from slipping.

  • Other

One of the former customers stated that there was a crack in the deck from which it was shipped. He’s the only reviewer who’s had anything to do with this.

Another customer stated that he hadn’t received all the parts. However, due to the size of the goods, the seller delivers them in several packages.

Mojo Sky Rump Green

If you want a slope that can bring paint spatter into your garden, it could be him. This alternative includes a green lacquered steel frame with a solid polyethylene ramp surface that can provide the necessary grip.

In general, the model has a size of 45 x 30 inches and a total height of 15 inches. The seller also noted that this choice is easy to transport to different locations as it only weighs 35 pounds.

Because it has a baked powder coating, it is one of the slopes that can stand the test of time. Although the unit requires some assembly work, as other users have indicated, the assembly is not very complicated as the vendor provides all the necessary screws to the customers.

Pre-drilled holes are also integrated into his design so that he does not lose too much time during assembly.

  • For

This tough choice is very durable because it is made of high quality materials such as stainless steel and polyethylene.

As it weighs only 35 pounds, it is ideal to take with you and place it in different places where you can train.

The unit has a green steel frame that emphasizes the ramp where you want to install it.

It is also suitable for scooters, because it measures 45 x 30 inches. It also has a total height of 15 inches.

  • Other

A handful of observers noted that the pre-drilled bolt holes included in the selection were not aligned. However, this can easily be corrected with a drill.

They say this product is quite expensive, especially considering the minimalist features it contains.

OK 3 foot cateboard slope Disaster

If you are looking for a well built and designed ramp on the market, OC Ramps 3ft can be what you are looking for. This option is made of high quality sawn wood and is specially designed for outdoor use. So you don’t have to worry about him.

This model has been developed for scooters as well as for cyclists and skateboarders. The system is delivered disassembled and the customer only needs to use the drill to install it in the right place.

In addition, the distributor provides all customers with a manual describing all the steps necessary to set up the system. Pictures included. The span is 2 meters high and 3 meters wide and can be a great addition to your garden.

  • For

This ramp is ideal for home exercises and is very sturdy because the materials it is made of are designed to withstand the elements.

It is quite easy to set up, as you only need to use the drill. The necessary instructions, accompanied by photographs, will be provided by the seller.

According to the manufacturer, this solid alternative is also portable, which is why it is appreciated by many owners.

The model is designed for use with bicycles, scooters and skateboards. On closer inspection it is therefore quite universal and practical.

  • Other

A scooter complained that he had to adjust the driveway himself. However, the seller has made it clear that some assembly is required.

While most owners were satisfied with the device, one user stated that the plywood seemed a bit thin for the transition. It was the only complaint of its kind.

Titanium calf 6-foot aluminium calf for multifunctional wheelchair

If you value sustainability, you should definitely take a look at the Titan Ramps 6ft MF6. This model weighs 600 pounds and has a non-slip surface that you will certainly appreciate. For easy installation, this device is designed with a 2.5 inch corner edge and pre-drilled holes.

In addition, it has a soft nylon handle that can be used while wearing it. The ramp is 72 inches x 29 inches wide and weighs a total of 40 pounds. Because it is foldable, this model is very practical. If you are interested in an alternative that can be stored, remember that it is 40″ x 14.5″ x 8 in folded form. That way there’s not too much space in your garage.

Because the driveway is made of aluminium, it is stable. It is recommended for use with scooters and wheelchairs.

  • For

This choice is easy to transport because it can be folded. The delivery also includes a nylon pen that you can use for this purpose.

Because it is made of aluminium, you don’t have to worry about corrosion or loss of shape.

The device has a bevelled edge and holes that can be used for safe installation in the right place.

In addition, it is specially designed for use with scooters and has a total weight of 600 pounds.

  • Other

Some reviewers were not satisfied with the strength of the product. However, so far very few people have complained about it.

It was argued that this option should be produced from materials of better quality in terms of price. It should be noted that not all owners agree with this statement.

Goplus 6′ Portable folding aluminium lift for wheelchairs and scooters

If portability is an important feature of your book, the following device may be your standard. This choice is light and made of aluminium. The integrated pin is another addition worthwhile for you. You can easily take it with you if you need it.

This welded boom has a solid construction and a maximum payload of 600 pounds. It is resistant to rust and can therefore be installed outside forever without having to worry about the weather. It is large enough to be used in both a wheelchair and a scooter.

The jagged top of this product makes it completely safe as it can prevent accidents due to slipping.  It has 2.5 slanted lips and pre-drilled holes so that the buyer can easily install it. In addition, for practical reasons, a mechanical lock and a carrying handle have been integrated into the design.

  • For

The driveway is 1.80 m long and can be folded up to serve as a briefcase and facilitate transport to different locations.

This model is not only easy to use, but also easy to install. Just open it and fasten it.

There are two fences on each side of the object to prevent people from accidentally tripping over them.

The product is made of solid materials such as aluminum and is corrosion resistant, allowing it to be installed outdoors.

  • Other

Some evaluators found that this ramp is quite heavy because of its size, which can make transport problematic. Not all owners considered this to be a major shortcoming.

Some customers quickly said that this choice was quite expensive given the possibilities it offered.

Driving of portable disposable medical roller chairs Disaster recovery vehicle

This choice is specially designed to help scooter and wheelchair users move this type of equipment from one surface to another. It is light and robust and comes with a handy carrying bag.

It also has the dimensions 37×28.5×4. The width of the inner track is 26.5 inches. That’s why it shouldn’t be a problem to get hit by a scooter. The total weight of the product is also 600 pounds.

As there are perforated slots on the surface, water will not accumulate on the boom in bad weather. This model has a length of 3 and, according to the seller, allows an increase in the height of the zone of 6.

It is recommended that persons who decide to purchase this device for use with a medical vehicle consult their physician before ordering it. This way they can be sure that it meets their needs.

  • For

This option is strong because it is made of resistant materials such as aluminium. That’s why it doesn’t rust when installed outdoors.

Because it is foldable and contains a handy carrying bag, this device can be easily transported when needed.

One of the striking advantages is that this product is specially designed for scooters and wheelchair users to travel on different surfaces.

In addition, this 600-pound capacity ramp will definitely give you the safety and support you need.

  • Other

One customer noticed that the upper hinge was still overtaking the frame of her scooter. He’s the only reviewer who’s taken note of it.

Several wheelchair users stated that this ramp may not be adapted to their needs due to the width of the object. This only applies to certain wheelchair models.

Prairie View Industries SFW330 Single Law

This ramp can offer users a good grip because it is equipped with a covered anti-slip strip. The 30-inch wide platform is designed to give you the support and stability you need. In total the choice has a carrying capacity of 800 pounds.

This product can be carried like a suitcase because it has a handle. Thanks to the welded construction, the boom is very strong. It is specially designed for use with scooters and wheelchairs of different configurations.

To ensure that all owners use the device properly, video safety instructions are included that everyone should read before using the device for the first time. A user manual is also included. In addition, protective pins are included for extra safety. The product is made of aluminium and can be folded for transport.

  • For

This ramp is made of solid materials such as aluminium and is lightweight so you can easily take it with you.

In addition, the surface of the model is equipped with an anti-slip pull strap to prevent customers from slipping on the model while driving.

This choice comes with a carry handle that you will probably appreciate if you plan to take it with you often.

It comes with a user manual and a video that you should check before use.

  • Other

A buyer stated that the manufacturer’s instructions were incomplete. However, most customers had no trouble setting it up and using it.

Some observers noted that the construction of the driveway was somewhat fragile. However, it should be added that most users rated the design and performance positively.

Starting ramp for scooters, skateboards, Bmx-Board rails

This sustainable alternative distributed by Scooter should also be considered by those looking for a cool design. The product is made of high quality materials and has a highly resistant polymer construction.

The surface of the device has a structure and an anti-slip surface that provides the necessary safety for the user. The front edge has been sharpened so that the driveway is easily accessible from the road.

In addition, the seller recommends its use for children from 8 years of age. The size of this choice is measured at 28″L x 16″B x 8″H. Since it can carry a total weight of 125 pounds, it should only be used by children and teenagers.

This can be considered as an interesting option that allows you to perform jumping tricks in the comfort and privacy of your company. Because it is not very high, it is a good purchase for those who are not ready for high models.

  • For

This entertaining alternative is specially designed for those who scoot, in-line skate and/or use bicycles.

With a total weight of 125 pounds it is ideal for children and teenagers, but not for adults.

The included anti-slip rubber feet make it stable and safe enough for beginners who need extra support.

As this ramp is made of impact-resistant polymer, it will stand the test of time, even when installed outdoors and used regularly.

  • Other

Although most owners say a lot of good things about it, one customer noticed that it is small. However, the dimensions are clearly indicated by the spacer.

It has been argued that this option could be somewhat costly due to its minimalist characteristics and limited carrying capacity, especially when compared to other similar solutions also available.

Quarter hose Mojo

If you don’t mind spending some extra money on a quality model, the Mojo Quarter Pipe might be for you. This choice comes with a high-strength steel frame, which gives you a lot of support.

In addition, the unit is constructed of welded steel, the components of which are powder coated to prevent corrosion. The supplied safety bushing is detachable. The height of the rail can also be adjusted to the customer’s needs.

To facilitate transport between locations, the frame is equipped with practical wheels. In fact, a set of wheels is included for those interested. The ramp is 4 feet high, 9 feet long and has a 4 x 2 feet platform. You can make your own skate park at home.

  • For

This sturdy choice is made with a solid polycarbonate handrail and a high-strength steel frame.

In addition, the robust polycarbonate surface, with its distinctive design, is flexible enough to help you move easily from the road to the driveway itself.

The frame, made of industrially strong blue steel, is coated with a special weatherproof material that allows it to be installed outdoors.

The wheels are mounted on the back of the model, so you can easily move it around while storing it.

  • Other

As it weighs a total of 400 pounds, it is considered to be quite heavy and not very portable. Most customers are satisfied with the overall performance and durability of the system.

Given its size, this choice should be made by the user. In addition, certain tools are required.

RR-RC-5 Ski jumps 5″

If you like the products Race Ramps produces and distributes, don’t overlook this choice. The option is lightweight and can be easily transported and maneuvered if required.

Due to the materials used, the element will not slip after installation and will not damage your floor when installed indoors. The curved design of the product makes it easy to mount different tires. It is resistant to damage caused by ultraviolet rays, salt, moisture and oils. I might as well kick him out.

The seller claims that this ramp is very solid because it has a 100% solid basic structure, which is a feature that not all models in this price range have. It’s a free service and it’s a pleasure to have it at hand. It is 10 inches long, 12 inches wide and 5 inches high.

  • For

This model can be installed indoors as well as outdoors, as it will not damage your floors and is resistant to weathering.

Thanks to its innovative design, this version has a solid core and a total weight of no more than 1.8 pounds.

This modern ramp measures 10 x 12 x 5 inches and is suitable for those who want to practice various tricks.

In addition, the structured surface it contains can prevent accidents due to slipping, which is a great advantage for beginners.

  • Other

Some owners soon realized that this stuff is quite expensive, especially if someone decides to compare it to other analogs.

Some have said that because of its size, a 10 x 12 x 5 inch unit, it can be quite small and awkward for scooter users. But those who use it as a wheel carrier are satisfied with it.

Dust PCBDR27 Plastic

This next option can be used for various purposes, including easy operation of the scooter on elevated sidewalks and curbs. You can also install it in the garage or on the driveway of your house. It is made of polypropylene, which is known for its strength.

It should be noted that this product consists of two strong polypropylene ramps which can be installed on the shipyard. Because the slopes are also light, they can be easily transported.

The model has a total weight of 6600 pounds and can also be used with cars. Each ramp is 20 centimetres wide, 10.6 centimetres deep and 4.1 centimetres high. If you plan to install them permanently, you can use the mounting holes at the bottom of each element. The boom surface is structured to increase traction.

  • For

This version has a payload of 6,600 pounds and is ideal for use with heavier cars and scooters.

Moreover, this alternative can be installed in different places and allows a smooth transition to unevenness or curbs.

The ramps are made of a plastic material of industrial quality known for its durability.

Thanks to its design, this product can be installed from the outside without fear of being damaged by the elements.

  • Other

One of the previous assessors expressed the wish to inform interested buyers that this choice is not suitable for installation on a lifting surface. It is not considered to be a serious impairment.

Some have argued that this device is slightly more expensive than other similar alternatives. Not all customers agree. In fact, most of them are satisfied with the operation of these slopes.


Although not supplied pre-assembled, the Ramptech QUARTERPIPE is one of the products that is easy to assemble. According to the manufacturer, all materials used for the installation are cut to the nearest millimetre. In addition, detailed and clear instructions are given to stakeholders.

This ramp is 2 x 4 high and is made of ABS plastic, a material that is considered very durable. Other materials used are HDO side panels, high quality bolts and galvanized steel.

You can choose between roles that are easy to move and save. This product is manufactured in the United States and comes with pre-drilled holes.

Due to the design and the quality of the construction, this ramp can be installed outdoors. It’s not damaged by bad weather. The side panels of the model are equipped with handles so that you can move the unit with a minimum of effort.

  • For

If you want your choice to be durable and made from high quality materials, you need to think about how it’s made from aluminium.

This ramp is easy to move because both sides have handles that you can use.

If you are not technically configured, you will be pleased to know that this model is easy to assemble and comes with visual instructions.

This product has a height of 2 and a width of 4 and is the ideal size if you need a ramp to go around your business.

  • Other

One user indicated that the aircraft he received was delivered to him in parts. However, this may be related to the way the product has been transported.

Despite the fact that many people appreciate its high quality, some owners claimed that the price was too high considering its characteristics.

Fresh Park Mini boxes

If Freshpark is a manufacturer you like, then you should take a good look at the Mini Wedge model that Freshpark distributes. The model has an innovative design because it has foldable and collapsible legs, making it easy to store when you don’t need it anymore.

In addition, this choice is lightweight and comes with a carrying handle that is considered practical by most current owners and users. If you run out of time, you should know that setting up and dismantling this device will only take a few minutes.

The ramp can be extended as required by the user. It can be installed outdoors because it is made of materials that are completely protected from atmospheric influences. This object measures 12 H x 19 W x 41 L and weighs only 26 pounds. It has a thick and sturdy tread and rubber feet that can hold it firmly in place.

  • For

This lightweight device weighs just 26 lbs, is foldable and comes with a handle that you will appreciate.

The thickness of the riding surface and the rubber feet make this a safe choice and also ideal for home training.

The element is easy to adjust and remove and has foldable legs – a feature not found on all models of this type.

If you don’t have enough space, this 12 H x 19 W x 41 D option is exactly what you need to buy.

  • Other

One of the evaluators found that the model is not very stable. To make sure it always stays in place, he advises users to place large stones underneath it.

They say it’s quite expensive and can’t be bought by figure skaters and scooters on a tight budget.

Sport of Anger THR2

Once installed, this model can create a smooth transition over uneven threshold surfaces. This object is ideal for wheelchairs and scooters and can also be used by people who depend on sticks and walking aids. Thanks to the pre-drilled holes, the product can be easily secured. This unit is delivered unassembled and requires some assembly work.

This choice has a maximum load capacity of 600 pounds and is made from aluminium, a material known for its durability and lightness. In addition, aluminium is a stainless material. So you can install this threshold slope outdoors. It has an adjustable height from 1.75 to 2.25 inches.

This model is 34 inches wide and 9-7/8 inches long. Including the top flap, the boom is between 10 and 15 cm long.

  • For

This device is specially designed for use as a threshold ramp and is compatible with wheelchairs and scooters with different wheel configurations.

Since the product has pre-drilled holes, the installation should not take much time and effort.

The surface of the model is covered with a non-slip material with a strong adhesion, so that you cannot slip or hurt yourself.

He weighs 600 pounds and weighs 11-5/8, including the top flap he has.

  • Other

According to one user, the model does not adhere well to cement. She says the driveway’s a little noisy when you come in. No other buyer has noticed this problem.

Another owner stated that the option sent to him was too big to open his door. However, the dimensions of the product are clearly indicated in the description provided by the dealer.

Rudaman 3 x 33.4

This part is 33.4 inches wide and 3 inches long. In addition, this ramp is designed for use with scooters and wheelchairs, which have many wheel configurations. The curved bottom of this choice makes the contact between the ground and the boom itself smooth, so that the wheels can easily be rolled up.

Moreover, the device is waterproof and has a non-slip surface, which enhances overall safety. Because it is made of aluminium, it can be installed outdoors as it will not corrode in the near future. Suitable for lifting objects of 6 inches or less.

This model has a maximum payload of 800 pounds and comes with a handle for easy transport. If you fold it, you can carry it like a suitcase. This feature is useful for wheelchair users who appreciate mobility and portability.

  • For

This option is easy to adjust and has a curved lip that adapts to any flat surface on which you want to install the boom.

In addition, this model is 3 feet long, 33.4 inches wide and 2.75 inches high. He can gain up to 800 pounds.

The product weighs 17 pounds and can be folded and transported like a suitcase. This is possible because the boom contains a nylon spring support.

With regard to the slope, the dealer claims that this device is suitable for 6 inches or less.

  • Other

This is one of the options that has been positively received by most customers. However, some claim that it is slightly more expensive than analogues.

As this product has not received many comments, it is difficult to say whether there are negative points that should not be overlooked.

Quarter-boom hose OK

This skate kit contains everything you need to install the OC Ramps Quarterpipe on site. It comes with pre-drilled and pre-cut boards for easy and tool-free installation. As planned, the company also includes screws that are pre-assembled and protected against rust. That way you don’t have to make extra purchases.

To make your work as easy as possible, the manufacturer has also provided buyers with a user manual with lots of photos, so that even people without technical training can easily put them in the right place.

The ramp is made of plywood, high quality sawn wood and galvanized metal parts to prevent corrosion when exposed to the weather. The 3 foot 2 inch high model has a total width of 4 feet. It also has a depth of 7 feet front and rear.

  • For

The model can be used with scooters, bicycles and skateboards. So it is quite versatile compared to other devices.

As it is 3 feet, 2 inches high, 7 feet long and 4 feet wide, this important alternative can be used for knitting at home.

The ramp is made of high quality materials such as plywood and sawn wood, and all metal parts are galvanized to prevent corrosion.

Although this model does not come pre-assembled, it is easy to assemble because a user manual with photos is included.

  • Other

Although the manufacturer claims that this model is easy to install, some previous users have stated that bending a shaft and adding screws is not as easy as expected.

Some customers stated that this choice was quite expensive compared to other units of similar design.

Annual management and annual report

It is not easy to find ramps for scooters, because the market is filled with countless similar units. To help you make the right decision, we have created a list of features that you simply cannot ignore.

Tree size

If you are determined to get high quality but cheap scooter ramps, one of the first things to consider is the length and width that best suits your needs. So first you have to think about the space you have available where you want to install the driveway.

The larger the chosen device, the more space is needed. But it also means you have to invest more money in it. There are of course smaller options that you can choose and use first. If you think you need a stronger model, you can order another one.

If you want to invest step by step in a large ramp, it is possible to purchase a unit that can be expanded over time. In fact, some manufacturers sell additional parts that can be used to increase the boom area.

Another piece of information you should not overlook is that some scooters prefer small units for home use. This way they can learn how to operate their equipment in confined spaces.

Attention must also be paid to the weight capacity of the boom. Before you decide on a certain model, you have to think about your own weight and that of the scooter you want to ride in the driveway.


Evaluations of scooter ramps also emphasize the importance of the materials used to make such a product. The materials used by the manufacturer are crucial because they influence the durability of the boom.

There are many possibilities. Durable ramps are usually made of stainless steel or aluminium and plywood. In addition, there are many plastic ramps that can stand the test of time.

If you want to implement a model in the operation, it is very important to choose a weatherproof model. The paint can also be used by the owners to make the ramp more resistant to rain.

Additional functions

Whether you’re looking for a cheaper scooter slope or a more expensive unit, there are a few extra features you should keep in mind. First of all, think about safety. The device you receive must be strong enough to stay in place at all times.

Therefore look for a product that comes with fasteners and screws with which it can be installed. In addition, the fellow buyers note that the use of sandbags to implement the model could also work.

No matter how safe the object you receive is, always remember to wear a quality helmet when using such a ramp.

Portability is another factor that some buyers expect from a slope. If you want to take the device with you, you must purchase a foldable device with a carrying handle. However, if portability is not an important factor, it may be better to choose a heavier and more durable device.

Before you start analyzing your options, if you don’t have enough money, you should set up a budget. This way you will not be tempted to invest in a product that is too expensive for your wallet.

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