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Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are all the rage. As part of the category of light electric vehicles (LEVs), electric bikes are designed for one person carrying light cargo. Clean, quiet, and efficient, electric bikes are great for short trips and errands of up to 10 miles.

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An electric bike can come to complete off the showroom floor, while another bicycle (perhaps even your own) can be “electrified” with a power-assist unit. For less than $1000, you can enjoy the power, speed, and performance of a new electric bike. For less than $500, you can even convert your own bicycle using a kit.


Electric bikes are not limited to bicycles, though. The LEV class also contains electric dirt bikes, electric motor scooters, and even electric motorcycles. Electric bicycles may not be right for people with mobility or balance difficulties, so there are electric tricycles that can come to the rescue.

For vacationers who want to tour a large city, you just may want to jump into an electric pedicab, which is the same as a standard pedicab, but with electrical assist. And, it is easier on your driver, too.

If you like state-of-the-art bikes, then why not try an electrified recumbent bike or Betterbike as some call it, or even an electrified velomobile (covered bike).


Some electric bikes are very space-efficient as well. You can fold them up and put them in a car trunk or underneath a bus seat when needed. Put a folding electric bike in your boat or RV for that weekend getaway. When traveling across the country, why not fold up your electric bike and check it in at the airport so you’ll have it at your travel destination?


Now, with the new nano lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries finally making their way into the marketplace, consumers will have a choice in leading-edge oomph for their electric bikes as well.

No matter your want or need, there is sure the be an electric bike to suit your lifestyle and recreational ambitions. Remember, electric bikes provide a healthy outdoor activity, get you where you need to go, and are non-polluting. Get your hands on an electric bike today! Open up a new world tomorrow. And secure a better world in the future.

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