Basic Knowledge Of Synergy Cycle From Electric Sierra Cycles U.S. Pro-Drive: A Full Review (2022)

Electric Sierra

Electric Sierra Cycles U.S. Pro-Drive Inc. manufactures the Synergy Cycle, which is an electric bike that can be used like the conventional, manual bicycle. The rider may opt to pedal with a power assist or could choose not to pedal at all, especially during uphill climbs.


Synergy Cycle weighs 74 lbs and includes the battery in that load. The cycling unit sports a frame size of 26″ x 17″ and is ideal for male and female riders, 5′ to 6′ tall. The wheels of the Synergy Cycle measure 26 inches, with double-wall rear tires used for off-road and cross terrain. Brakes are made out of chrome alloy; brake levers with automatic motor shutoff full suspension, one front set, and top and bottom shocks in the back.

Battery System

This electric bicycle runs on a 600watt brushless electric motor that is high in torque to allow the bike to achieve faster speeds. It comes powered with a 24 volt and 12amp battery system that is outfitted with a battery case, a 24V12AH sealed lead acid battery pack that can be detached for indoor battery charging. Its accessories include seats, handlebars, brakes, and other non-electric parts that can be purchased with any local bike shop.


The electric bicycle can achieve a top speed of up to 18 miles per hour. You could cruise to distances of up to 12 miles without pedaling or as far as 25 miles while pedaling. It uses dual, integrated suspension and manages bumps efficiently. With 7 pedal speeds, it is likely easy for the rider to combine electric-assist with manual pedals to generate a speedy drive.

Charging Time

Charging time is usually four hours using a 1.5 amp portable quick charger. A fully charged battery pack can get you as far as 20 miles. Moreover, The Synergy Cycle electric bicycle has a special feature called the “center stand.” This feature is available only with high-end bikes and motors. The center stand acts as a bike tune-up stand to allow riders to easily adjust brakes and check gear shifts as well.

Electric Sierra Cycles US Pro-Drive, Incorporated was established in 1999 under the operating philosophy of providing the highest quality cycle technology, available as an alternative mode of transportation to residents of Santa Cruz County. Electric Sierra retails scooters, recumbent and electric bikes. They likewise handle all bicycle maintenance requirements, whether it is for whole bikes or just the accessories.


Driving a Synergy Cycle is a practical and yet comfortable way to commute.


In addition to that, the electric bike is also environment-friendly when compared to gas-driven bicycles that emit harmful exhausts and generate irritating odors.


You can own this sophisticated bicycle for only $800, or even less when offered a discount. It is distributed at leading bicycle shops.

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