Best E-Bicycle Under $1300 in 2022? Giant Electric Bikes Review | Post Covid-19 Purchase

Giant Electric Bikes

Giant Manufacturing is one of the leading producers of first-class bicycles in the world. Showing off the top-notch quality of their products for over 30 years, Giant is one of the most admired cycling companies.

Giant Manufacturing has successfully sustained its production standards through the years because of its undisputed expertise in the manufacture of cycling products. This expertise is complemented by continued research, development, and adoption of advanced production technologies. More importantly, Giant Manufacturing produces its own line of electric bikes including the Lite and Giant Suede E.

The Giant Lite

One of Giant’s most popular electric bicycles is the Giant Lite. It is one of the most user-friendly electric bikes available in the market today that can also truly be considered a practical buy.

The Giant Lite electric bike looks like an ordinary hybrid cycle at a glance with its rugged aluminum frame.

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Nevertheless, the Giant Lite operates like a manual bicycle. There are no extra switches to study and all you have to do is pedal it around like a regular bike. If you turn over the switch, you can run as fast as 17 mph with electrically assisted pedaling.


Shifting to a normal bike ride simply requires the removal of the battery pack. In doing so, one can easily charge the battery for approximately 4 hours to give a person a smooth ride that will get them as far as 30 miles.


Unlike any other electric bike, Giant Lite works quietly and has a Shimano Nexus internal hub that allows the rider to shift at a stoplight. A 36-volt NiMh hybrid battery pack installed behind the seat tube triggers the pedal-assist system and ignites the 250 watts, Panasonic brushless DC motor with the bike’s speed tempered by Tektro 841 V brakes.

Every component of the Giant Lite can be modified to suit rider comfort and size such as the seat and handlebars that are mounted with SRAM twist-shift. The rider likewise has a choice of three assists settings including 50-percent assist, 30-percent assist, or no assist at all. Gear upgrade is also possible if the rider opts to increase the bike’s speed, perfect when climbing hills.


The unit comes bundled with accessories such as the transfer bike helmet, the Cat Eye 120 bicycle headlight, the Top peak Explorer MTX bike rack to hold those extra batteries, and the Mirrycle Mountain Mirror.


Moreover, the Giant Lite bike weighs less than 50 pounds even with the battery attached to it, making it an easy carry for riders living in apartment buildings.

Giant Lite electric bikes are best for excursions in the city and promise to be a very efficient ride on uphill climbs and long travels. Giant Lite electric bikes can also be used as rides to work. And, being energy-efficient at charging, Giant Lite electric bikes allow the user to save on transportation expenses.


Get the comfort of a smooth ride along busy roads or a rocky trail for a reasonable price of around $1300.

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