7 Best Lucky Pro Scooters Compared & Revised (2021)

Best Scooter Review Best Happy Pro – Best Model 2021 with Buyers Guide

In the following rules you will learn which Happy Escape Rollers are the best. Read our article to save time and make an immediate decision. After doing our research and reading a lot of feedback about the Lucky Crew Scooter, we have come to the conclusion that the Lucky Crew Scooter is the best choice to meet your needs. This model is designed for beginners and advanced users and is characterized by its robust construction. The 6.4 pound scooter is equipped with double clamps, vice clamps and Steely brakes. In addition, the 110 mm 86a torsion wheels allow high speeds and successful landings. Lucky offers a guarantee of 6 months, because the company is committed to the quality of its product. As there is a lot of demand for this article, it may not be available. In this case, we also recommend that you buy the Lucky Prospect.

7 Best Scooter Best Chance Pro (Rating) in 2021

By analyzing the reviews of the many Pro Lucky scooters on sale, we have compiled a short list of some of their most important products that may meet your needs and preferences. Although they are cheap, they are not cheap Lucky Pro scooters because they are built with high quality materials and good workmanship.

Professional Stuntman Happy Crew

This scooter has been developed to enable riders to perform complex stunts successfully. Unlike some other scooters on the market, which are bad imitations, the real Crew model is only intended for use by champions and demons of the street. This product is designed for beginners and advanced users who want to improve their skills.

The reinforced axle, combined with 110mm aluminum core wheels, ensures the speed and durability of this scooter. Thanks to the high-quality materials used in its manufacture, you can be sure that your journey will be smooth and safe.

The deck measures 19 x 4.5 inches and the oversized folding strip measures 23 x 22 inches. The scooter is equipped with a double clamp, steel brakes and a vice. The head is tilted at an angle of 82.5 degrees and the fork is made of hardened steel. The helmet is integrated and the total weight of the device is 6.4 pounds.

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This model is capable of carrying out large waterfalls. Customers say he moves well while standing in line, barring or doing other tricks with him.

The parts are manufactured with great skill, and this was noticed as soon as customers unpacked their scooter. They feel heavier and stronger.

The bikes are extremely durable because they have an aluminium core and can withstand the impact of a skate park. Heavy landings are no problem.

The steel brakes can safely bring the scooter to a stop, even at high speeds.

  • Other

Customers complain that the bridge is not wide enough. However, this is normal for stuntmen, so remember this before you buy a scooter.

After a while, the strap clicks into place, reducing the friction force between the sole of the shoe and the deck.

Happy Avenue Full Pro Scooter Stunter

This cascade scooter is known for its performance and aesthetics. This scooter has a hollow top, flat sides and bottom, a washed head and is covered with a beautiful visual image developed by Shoe Ot himself.

All parts used in the production of Lucky scooters are of high quality. Every material, from the solid aluminum deck to the steel brakes and various alloys of other components, is carefully processed and assembled to make the perfect scooter ride that can outperform the competition.

The bridge measures 19.5 x 4.25 inches and the large TIG sarcophagus measures 22 x 22 inches. The scooter is equipped with a double clamp, steel brakes and a vice. The fork of the vector is made of aluminium and the head end is at an angle of 82.5 degrees. The helmet is fully integrated and the total weight of the scooter is 3.8 kg or 8.3 lbs.

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The artworks that decorate this scooter are designed by the famous artist Shoe Ota and are very beautiful. The scooter is the centerpiece.

Thanks to the professional ball bearings, the 110 mm wheels rotate smoothly and high speeds can be reached in a jiffy.

The whole body of this scooter is strong and once you ride it on the road or in a skate park, you will be surprised how quiet it is.

Lucky maintains the quality and durability of its products and offers a 6-month warranty on this model.

  • Other

It is known that the plastic coating on the rear rim wears off in a relatively short period of time. Customers say they’ll need a replacement in a few months.

Another disadvantage is the weight of the scooter. At 8.3 pounds, some customers find it a bit cumbersome.

Lucky Pro LS Bronze Mud Roller

You can conquer any type of terrain with this model because this scooter has wide Kenda wheels with an 8-inch aluminium core for great traction. These wheels are the main feature of this model and are suitable for both skate park and scooter riding on unpaved roads.

The company has improved the production process for this model and thanks to the temperature control during the welding process, the joints at the pipe head are much stronger, making them more resistant to difficult landings and rough terrain.

This product weighs 17.15 pounds, has a 25 x 5 inch tray, 23 inch high and 23 inch wide rods, and is equipped with SCS clips, vise clips and a fully integrated headset. The colour of this model is Gunmetal, a metallic grey tint that perfectly matches the resistant clothing of the scooter and the thick black straps.

  • For

This scooter can easily drive at high speed through the forest and survive many hard landings.

Air-pumped tires provide good shock absorption for a smooth landing and good traction on compact and dirty roads.

The scooter was developed in the United States using feedback from Lucky Pro riders. This means that this model is tailored to meet all your needs on and off the road.

This scooter comes fully assembled at your door, so you do not have to waste time before you can get out and enjoy the experience.

  • Other

As this scooter cannot be folded, packaging for off-road transport can be a problem.

Because the tires are inflated, you risk a puncture and deflation. Pay attention to the path in front of you and avoid too big obstacles.

Happy TFOX Sig

For this model Lucky worked together with Tanner Fox, a professional stuntman. Using some of Lucky’s most famous components, such as the Prospect bridge, the new folding bar design, the Huracan HIC fork and the 110mm hollow core Lucky Lunar wheels, the designers have created a model that will surpass the competition in the skate park.

The Lucky TFOX Sig is one of the lightest models this company produces. This makes this scooter easier to manoeuvre and you can accelerate much faster than with a heavier model.

The product has a 19.5 x 4.25 inch (495 mm x 108 mm) top, an 82.5 degree tilt head tube and integrated Revo Lucky headphones. In addition, the Lucky TFOX Sig is equipped with TRES triple clamps, Steely brakes and Vice clamps. The product is covered by a 6-month warranty.

  • For

In cooperation with Tanner Fox, certain parts of the scooter have been redesigned to improve performance. This includes a fork and an articulated rod.

Like the competition scooters, this model is the lightest and weighs only 7.9 pounds. As a pilot you can accelerate quickly and do tricks in the air.

The castors are made of high quality materials, they run smoothly and feel soft. It absorbs impact forces.

Young children are very excited when they pick up and use this model scooter. Parents say they don’t mind spending a few extra dollars to see these reactions.

  • Other

According to several customers, the axle is too thick, which makes it impossible to tighten the rear wheel properly.

People are not sure about the value for money. Some say you can buy scooters of similar quality in your local shops.

Lucky Covenant Full Pro Scooter Cascade Neo Chrome

This scooter is designed for racers who want to surpass themselves and set new personal records. The Happy Covenant is made up of sturdy materials and can withstand real abuse on many types of terrain. This waterfall scooter has a 120mm Indy fork in combination with silorails that have a new design. In addition, the visual design was made by artist Shoe Ota.

The deck measures 20.5 x 4.45 inches and the bar for oversized silos is 24 x 23 inches. The scooter is equipped with a double clamp, steel brakes, a vice clamp and 110 mm wheels. The head tube is at an angle of 82.5 degrees and the Indy fork is made of high-quality, durable aluminium. In addition, the helmet is fully integrated and the HIC compression is made of aluminum.

Before you buy this model, you can choose from 6 different models. This is the Black Swirl, Blackout, Neo Chrome DUBL, Neo Purple and Red DUBL terminal.

  • For

The Lucky Covenant scooter has many visual outdoor designs, all made by the Northwestern artist Shoe Ota.

The tires that cover the rims of a scooter are very durable and do not deteriorate as fast as those of other scooters in the same price range. After a few months of use they look like new.

The lightweight design of this scooter offers high speed and easy handling. For just 8 pounds, you’ll have no problem with advanced laps.

The robust and high quality production process is proven by the feel of this scooter. You drive quietly and safely, and it doesn’t make any unpleasant noises.

  • Other

Some customers have had their scooters scratched. But it is very likely that this happened during delivery and not during the delivery process.

The red DUBL clamp construction does not paint the welded bars of the scooter. Although the product is advertised as such, some people do not like this unfinished look.

Happy Evo Scooter 522 Full Pro Scooter

This product is advertised as the most advanced professional scooter on the market. Based on feedback from some of the best professional scooters, Lucky has improved the Evo 522 to provide a large deck with more legroom and even some new features such as the oversized Lucky Pro poles that are extremely durable.

The size of the bridge is 22×5 inch and the size of the Lucky per oversized bar is 25×24 inch. This model is equipped with a SCS clamp, vice handles and steel brakes. The wheels have a diameter of 120 mm and an aluminium core. The headboard is tilted at an angle of 82.5 degrees, the cap is made of aircraft aluminium.

The scooter is light, weighs only 8.3 pounds or about 3.8 kg and is most suitable for riders between 1.5 and 2.5 meters tall.

  • For

The scooter has a deck design that allows longer, smoother and more even sanding.

Thanks to its light yet sturdy construction, the product is easily accessible to patients’ tips and tricks.

The head tube was moved forward and the angle was increased. This gives more leg room and reduces the risk of knee injuries.

The scooter was developed with the participation of experienced riders and is intended for use by experts, not beginners. The functionality is well thought out and implemented.

  • Other

Some scooters come with loose wheel bolts. It is difficult to mount them because the bridge in this area is too thick to fit a wrench around the nut.

The scooter is pretty expensive. Please note, however, that this program is designed for experienced cyclists. So if you need something for a beginner, you have to choose a different model.

AXIS Lucky Scooter Complete Pro Scooter Teal

AXIS is named after the popular card game of the same name. The whole scooter is built around this bridge. This product also offers a high level of comfort and performance when riding a light scooter with plenty of legroom. In addition, the stand fork, like the bridge, is equipped with attractive visual graphics.

The 110 mm hollow rims contribute to the beautiful appearance. They are also available with pre-assembled steel ball bearings for fast acceleration and high speeds. The high-quality AXIS deck is made of 6061 aluminium, which makes the scooter generally strong, while retaining its low weight.

Other features include a Huracan fork, an integrated Revo Lucky helmet and HIC compression. The company also offers a 6-month warranty on this model.

  • For

The design of the AXIS bridge gives you more legroom, allowing you to ride more stably and have better control during your stunts.

Mainly because of the technical characteristics of the bridge, this scooter is a versatile product. You can ride on most types of terrain, not only skateparks.

The head tube looks solid and has high quality welds. This product adapts easily to your tricks and difficult landings.

The flat bottom of this scooter makes it possible to sand very well and this proves the advantage when it comes to keeping your balance.

  • Other

Because the scooter cannot be folded, the only way to transport it without taking up too much space is to dismantle it.

Other accessories you may need for your happy scooter

Happy style brake

This replacement brake is only compatible with Lucky-Scooters decks. It is available in the sizes 110 mm and 120 mm rear wheels. An important feature of this scooter part is that the lock nuts are welded. It is therefore no longer necessary to hold the nuts in place with a wrench when mounting the part on the scooter deck.

You can determine if the purchased part is authentic after printing the Lucky logo on the top. Most scooter parts not only offer functionality, but also influence the overall attractiveness of the product. Despite its small size, this brake can really go under, because it is available in three different colours: Black, chrome or neochrome.

The neochrome appearance is appreciated by all customers because it seems to change colour depending on the light it reflects. The colours vary from light blue to dark purple with a reflective mirror finish.

Z-First universal scooter standard

This holder prevents your scooter from falling off. The scooter is ideal for maintenance or storage because it prevents the scooter from falling and scratching the paintwork or other parts damaged.

This product is compatible with almost all brands of scooters, including Lucky, Razor, Phoenix, Fuzion and many others.

The stand is suitable for wheels with a diameter of 95 to 120 mm. Although this is not necessary, you can attach the support to the floor for more stability.

You would do this in a place where you store your scooter for a long period of time or where people often pass by and run the risk of knocking your scooter over.

These cabins do not take up a lot of space and are easy to install. They are also available in different colours: black, blue, green, purple and red.

Wheel for stuntmen Aibiku

This high quality wheel is made of CNC machined aluminium and has a durable and highly resistant 88A polyurethane coating. Two 110 mm wheels with ABEC 9 ball bearings are included.

These wheels are compatible with many brands of scooters such as Lucky, Fuzion or Envy and are ideal for skateboarding or on paved roads.

They should help you to do tricks and give you enough support so that you can’t slip if you do tricks.

The PU material that covers the aluminium edge is available in two colours: black or white. This allows you to better match the colors of your scooter to the wheels and make it look good.

The wheels are easy to assemble and, depending on the customer’s specifications, offer a smooth ride. They are also quiet and do not make any annoying noises while driving or braking.

Ten to eighty launch pads

This product is extremely versatile. In addition to scooters, you can come to this ramp using skateboards, bicycles or integrated skates. Please note that the manufacturer only recommends this product for children over 8 years of age.

This ramp is one of the most practical modular ramps you can buy. It is designed for both fun and safety. It’s easy to install because you only have a few clips to mount.

The form is suitable for beginners who can try their first tricks without too much fear. In addition, the outer structure of the boom is sticky enough to prevent the wheels from slipping on it.

The product is durable and can be installed and left in place in case of bad weather. This ramp has a rubber surface that touches the ground and prevents it from slipping when crossing. It also has mounting holes for even greater stability.

Annual management and annual report

Freestyle riding is a sport that is gaining popularity every year and children, teenagers and even youngsters are increasingly eager to explore the possibilities of this sport. However, before you can buy one of Lucky’s fully equipped scooters, you need to know a few details about their features and characteristics. Please read the following rules for more information.

Main components

All Lucky scooters are made of 7 main components that determine their performance and appearance:

Handles and forks

The radiator grilles on good Happy Hunters influence the way you feel behind the wheel. However, his style has mainly cosmetic purposes.

In general, the rods are made of steel, but there are also manufacturers who use aluminium. The standard stem diameter is 1 ¼ in. However, most scooters steal 1 ⅜ inch.

The fork connects the bars, the axle and the front wheel. It is important to choose the right front fork for your scooter, because this also determines the maximum size of the front wheel. The high-quality forks have no threads, which means that no threads have been drilled into the tips. So they’re naturally stronger.


The bridge is the most important part of the scooter. Most axles are made of solid aluminum to keep the scooter light and stable.

Many scooters are equipped with an integrated helmet, making it unnecessary to use a helmet in the aftermarket. On non-integrated helmet models, you can customize them to your personal preferences.

Helmets and clamps

The headset ensures a smooth and quiet rotation in the head tube and consists of bearings, bushings, fork track and top cover. It is advisable to buy a scooter with an integrated helmet, because it is already equipped with wearing cups. Otherwise you would have to install them yourself, which is a difficult task and sometimes affects their performance.

The clamps hold the bars and fork together and ensure smooth rotation. You can buy rolls with double, triple or quadruple clips. These names refer to the number of screws in the terminal.

Wheels and brakes

The wheels don’t just let your scooter roll. They give him individuality and influence his performance. Entry-level castors have a plastic core, as opposed to high-end castors with a metal core. Wheel dimensions vary from 100 mm to 125 mm and more. A larger wheel means higher speed and smoother operation, but ultimately it depends on the driver’s choice.

The brake is an important part of a scooter because it can distinguish a safe stop from an accident. It is attached to the rear of the axle and serves as a belt for the rear wheel.


Many scooters have adjustable legs making them much more comfortable to use. Some are even folded for easy transport and storage.

In addition, many models are equipped with a bike carrier, just like bicycles. If you have a budget and want to cover long distances, you can buy an electric scooter that can reach high speeds and bring you miles.


To buy a professional Happy Man who serves his purpose, you need to think about what he should be used for and by whom.

Think about the age of the rider, his abilities, the type of ride he or she is going to do and the length of the ride. The price is a good indicator of quality, but adult scooters are probably cheap and have quality parts.

Whether you need something to improve your trip or something to show off some great rides, the scooter market has just what you want, provided you take the time and make the right decisions.

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