Best Machine X Electric Bikes in 2022: Full Review | E-Bicycle COVID-19 Spending Spree

Machine X

The Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle Company took the challenge of creating an electric bicycle by installing a 500W Heinzman motor and an 8-speed fully automated drive system on what is now called a Machine X electric bike.

While the bicycle is already equipped with a 14-gear semi-automatic drive system, the inclusion of a drive motor increases the viability of riders hitting the road and enjoying cross-country travel. It motivates consumers to take the Machine X rather than the car, reducing their carbon footprint in the process.

Kespor K7 Folding Bike for Adults

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Best KESPOR K7 Folding Bike for Adults

This durable adult folding bike folds up so small, it’s easy to fold and store in a small car, closet, office, or apartment. It’s great for commuting, boating, camping and RV. Folded dimensions are only 31 inches x 14 inches x 26 inches!

Sixthreezero Electric-Bicycle

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Best Sixthreezero Electric-Bicycles

Adorable and the perfect size! – There wasn’t much assembly required and it went together easily.  It’s a great looking bike and easy and comfortable to ride. Its well built quality made bike. The grips are a nice touch. They are laced like what you find on some automobile steering wheels.

Machine X Electric Bike

This is a product of American ingenuity for it combines effortless bike pedaling and a whirring 500W electric motor supported by the tubular NiMH D-cell battery packs, mounted so low that it reduces the vehicle’s center of gravity while also increasing its road-hugging capability. Besides the Machine X has been designed light (frames of aluminum alloy) at only 55 lbs giving more miles traveled for every battery charge; that is if the rider refuses to pedal which should increase the distance even more.

The Machine X electric bike sports 20inch full contact street tires that give riders comfort on the street and confidence in traffic. This is ideal for coasting; just get it to its top speed (25-30mph) cut the power and enjoy the freewheeling experience for it glides on level ground and is really a delight downhill. For uphill drives, the motor gives ample power so no street incline is really hard for the Machine X. Another important feature is the disc brake that gives precise stopping power when needed.

Maintenance of the bike is easy since all the parts are standard bike stuff. Your local bike shop should be able to support your needs should a replacement becomes necessary. Parts can also be easily upgraded. The possibilities are boundless, you can add an extra battery pack, revise your gearing configurations or you may just want to customize it to fit your taste, the different options are all there. Just a little imagination and your bike become your alter ego.

The Machine X electric bike comes in a myriad of colors: sapphire metallic blue, semi-gloss black, racing red, navel orange, gun-metal gray, and silver metallic. Rim color comes in black, silver, and frame color, while the wheel spokes are in black or silver.

Where To Buy?

Since the Machine X is not the ordinary or mass-produced electric bike, it is tediously hand-assembled in California by American bike industry craftsmen and properly tested and fine-tuned as each unit leaves the assembly plant. Buy only at recognized Electric Cyclery Showrooms, but wait for at least six weeks for the delivery.

The Machine X is made sleek, beautiful, strong, and durable to last a lifetime. This could only be the bike you’ll ever need.

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