5 Best Scooter Helmets – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (2021)

Let’s face it, a helmet behind the wheel is not the last word when it comes to comfort. Especially if you live in a tropical country. You sweat a lot, your eyes are sweaty and all that nasty trouble. But this unique device still protects lives and prevents physical damage. Legally, helmets must be worn and contractors are constantly striving to make their helmets more comfortable for the wearer by installing small fans that increase the air flow inside the helmet and make wearing them more comfortable.

The more research you do with your helmet, the safer you’ll be on the road. For our part, we didn’t leave a single stone that was found in this context, and rightly so. It’s a protective gear that can save lives. We also agree that it’s not easy to find the right helmet. With the options available it can be difficult for you to navigate the market. So grab one of the best helmets and enjoy the ride.

Our Top 5 scooter helmets

Double, triple and eight-way certified helmet

  • Publisher evaluation :

The best choice with an open face.

Random Riders, here’s your life buoy.

We got off on the wrong foot because we didn’t know who the producers were. Our ingenious researcher has developed a drug. Triple Eight is a newcomer who wears a helmet and works in New York City. They have been working for decades and have caused a significant breakage in their protective equipment, especially helmets.

This helmet has an ABS outer shell. It’s a Goliath from endurance to thrust, and if you take an unpleasant spell, your upper parts will remain intact. The design aims to reduce the consequences of head trauma.

The Triple Eight lining is made of a unique fabric that protects against perspiration. It hydrates and keeps the head dry and fresh.  It is treated against the growth and spread of bacteria. So don’t take off your shirt, you don’t have to worry after every use.

The helmet is equipped with seven vents, making it very practical for riders who tend to store heat and sweat faster. The ventilation openings are super concentrated for heat dissipation and have been replaced by cooler air. It cools you down pretty fast. Here it meets the resistance of the ISM Full Face street bike helmet, which according to users scored 100% of the points.

The bindings of these helmets guarantee a perfect fit, a real madman.

The presence of the color palette is amazing: white, red, blue, shell and fushkiya.

The triple eight complies with the American CPSC standard for bicycles and the ASTM F-1492 safety standard for skates, which have the best skateboards in the world.

  • For
  1. an impact-resistant ABS scale
  2. Antibacterial lining to protect against perspiration.
  3. More than sufficient ventilation
  4. Designed to withstand multiple effects
  • Other

There’s not much in the way of appearance.

  • Conviction

We agree. But an open helmet tells you the question: Why is that? In terms of the number of excellent jobs being evaluated there, this seems to be a mistake. Surprisingly, a large number of user requests are size related. We haven’t found an answer yet. In general it’s not only scooters, but also activities like rafting and snowboarding. You can’t have a helmet shop for every activity, so be careful when shopping.

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Port Helmet

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Choice of children.

The V-17 razor is designed for young men who are mainly active in sports and outdoor activities such as cycling and ice skating. It has 17 openings at the top and side to dissipate heat in hot weather and provide significant airflow. The interiors are not only light, but also cool enough, with ergonomic furnishings and thick upholstery for comfort.

An extra set of cushions is thrown in when the helmet is at its widest. The chinstrap is adjustable with side buckles that can be loosened or adjusted for a tight fit.

The helmet only weighs .95 pounds, but don’t be fooled. Not only is it reliable, it is light and small, and here we are dealing with children, especially if they have a high level of security.

It complies with the standards of the CPSC (Commission for Consumer Protection Safety). It is a federal testing and certification body.

The helmet is designed for head sizes from 21.5 to 23 inches. The head size is a measurement just above the ears and about half an inch above the eyebrow, where the head size is the maximum.

The V-17 is designed for children between 8 and 14 years. His avatar is smooth, shiny black.

  • For
  1. Absolutely featherweight, perhaps the lightest helmet.
  2. ergonomic design
  3. Comfortable inner lining
  4. Reliable chinstrap for sports activities
  • Other
  1. It is designed for both leisure and scooter riding.
  • Conviction

We’re perfectly safe. And the fact that this product, which is mainly used by children, has a correct and thorough certification procedure, makes it an excellent product. Hats off to V-17. Head protection is the only function of a helmet. We recommend the V-17 to your child and hope you teach him or her to always wear a helmet.

JBM Skateboard Helmet

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The best overall choice

The JBM skateboard is a multisport helmet and is aerodynamically designed for speed. It is designed for heavy and hard impacts, for which it is armoured with a hard shell and ultra-soft padding to absorb the impacts. It features multiple vents and breathable foams that help reduce perspiration and keep your head cool. In addition, the humidity and smell of sweat have been banned.

It is equipped with easily adjustable straps that allow you to store your head comfortably all around without fear of it falling out.

This helmet is made of an ultra-stable material, without a helmet to be bulky, reduce weight and relieve neck strain.

The extra filling is supplied in addition to the EPS foam filling, which offers more comfort, especially on long journeys.

This helmet is a parachute jumper and is not limited to skateboarding. It is suitable for many types of outdoor activities such as roller skating, skating, cycling, roller skating and longboarding. One helmet is good for everyone, JBM. Even as a professional scooter, you don’t need an arsenal of helmets. It is also suitable for girls.

  • For
  1. Rigid and stable outer casing.
  2. Multiple ventilation system
  3. Light
  4. Available in a wide range of colours.
  5. Affordable
  • Other
  1. Adjustment of the tension belts requires special attention
  • Conviction

We all agree that skateboarding involves risks. Security is the key word here, because if it’s not there alone, it gets even stronger. The safest thing to do is to take stupid head sizes before you buy. What’s more, budgetary constraints can make things a little difficult for you and you accept an inferior product that is the beginning of your problems. The price of JBM is very affordable. We recommend them as a minimum starting standard.

Motorcycle helmet Vega warrior helmet

  • Publisher evaluation :

If you are looking for a really stylish and flexible helmet, then the Vega Helmet Rebel Warrior is the latest helmet on the market. This helmet is the ultimate answer for motorcyclists. It is light, has a semi-circular coating and is characterized by a solid construction with technology, comfortable and cool.

The warrior flag design is patriotic and shows the pride of the United States, or you can choose solid colors for this extra-smooth look. The Rebel Warrior is a helmet in the shape of a skullcap, which is unequalled among men and women. It’s packed with features that give you a more relaxed, customised motorcycle helmet in the shape of a beanie hat.

  1. The high-density EPS housing is fully ventilated to ensure intensive strength, safety and cooling.
  2. Multi-position sunscreen that lowers, visually corrects and protects against sun, rain and insects.
  3. Wick-Dri insertion system from Comfort-Tech.
  4. Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds, the neck strain over these long distances is eliminated with a motorcycle, scooter, moped, electric scooter or any other bicycle of your imagination.
  5. Quick release system with straps and padding.
  6. Perfect adjustment with the adjustable dial upgrade – just right for these compact, hard to install heads.
  7. DOT approved by FMVSS 218 This helmet offers first class protection at an affordable price.
  8. Random testing of each batch of helmets to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  9. Five year limited warranty on material and workmanship without defect for the life of the helmet.
  10. Pay attention: Availability of headphones, sold separately.
  • For
  1. The fast chinstrap is of an excellent design.
  2. Hinged Great Wazir
  3. Adjustment wheel for a perfect fit
  4. Certified ownership
  5. A work of art in style
  • Other

The entire shield must not be used as a


We take the seizure of the helmets seriously. Otherwise you won’t stay in the saddle long. We’ve tried the dial and the chinstrap and they’re doing great. A small flaw is that on windy days the helmet pulls back a bit because of the small visor in the front. It’s detachable, so there’s no breach of contract.

Thousand bicycle helmets with guaranteed theft protection for adults

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Thousands of people go through a simple ideology. Minimalistic, but functionally superior, with varied specifications, their goal is to get more people to wear a helmet. It comes in a large fabric bag, which is comfortable to wear on these helmets. These helmets have brown leather stripes that give them a hipster look. Dark foam is an inner layer to which the outer layer is glued. It has a retro character.

A thousand helmets at the back and top, cooling channels. It is not included in other helmets with caps.

A unique feature of this headset is a discreet pop closure. At the bottom of the stern is a small hatch with magnets. It’s almost invisible because it’s a logo. The detachable elastic band is attached in such a way that the bicycle lock is also attached to the helmet. We tried a local locksmith, but one guy, he went with everything. You can leave your helmet there safely and it is theft-proof. In fact, about a thousand people offer to change helmets free of charge in case of theft.

We thought the harness system was too minimalistic, but it passed our tests. The attachment system uses a magnetic loop. We simulated helmet tests on his head, but he held out. We tried to simulate the circumstances of the accident, but the restraint system and the closure held up. To keep the peace of mind, we think the magnet should be stronger.

Comfort and fit cannot be compared to traditional helmets, which have a grooved handle on the back. Here the adjustment is made by the tire, which provides excellent support.

Available in three sizes – small, medium and large – it weighs only 490 gr.

It complies with the CPSC and EN 1078 standards. This includes intensive field testing, shock absorption, fastening and restraint systems.

  • For
  1. Anti-theft guarantee
  2. Light
  3. It’s an excellent choice.
  4. The style
  • Other
  1. No size XS
  2. Does not support 27 mm wide locks.
  • Conviction

The helmet has only one purpose: to protect the head in the event of an accident. If you have an accident, the integrity of your helmet is at risk. Change it. Thousands of helmets have their own niche. Ideal for commuting, but not for mountain biking. It’s a great buy and is available in many colors, including gold with an impeccable rubber coating.

Why do you need a headset?

This practice is often repeated and continued until people fully understand that it is no different than drink-driving. The misconception is that scoring does not achieve high speed, which can lead to injury in the event of a fall. Completely wrong. You can reach crazy speed, especially on descents, and a fall will certainly not leave you unharmed.

Scooter helmets are not very expensive and quality is very important. Investing in a good brand and a good chin strap is an important part of making sure the helmet doesn’t move. A blow to the head can be fatal, not to mention hospital costs. So be smart. Don’t drive without your helmet.

Scooter helmet – purchase tips

  • Building materials

A normal scooter helmet is a composite of two basic protective elements. The outer shell is hard and thin. It can be made of polycarbonate plastic, Kevlar or fiberglass. Kevlar is the strongest of the three.

A thick, soft lining is the second element. It is located as an inner lining and consists of polystyrene foam or polystyrene foam called polypropylene EPS. A large number of helmets used on motorcycles and scooters use this model. The outer shell takes the simulator and divides it over the helmet; the inner shell removes the shock absorber lining.

  • corresponds to

Helmets should be placed low so that the entire forehead is closed and the eyebrows are open. After placing the device on your head, take some time to ensure that your field of vision is not disturbed or obstructed. If you look up, the edge of the helmet should be clearly visible. The skull has many forms.

When you buy a helmet, make sure it fits properly in all respects. It must not be too crowded or too weak. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it.

  • Road safety class

Make sure your helmet is approved for use with a scooter. There are federal protocols that require companies to certify their products. Otherwise, avoid the purchase. Some helmets are equipped with acoustic bags that allow the rider to hear outside noises.

Most helmets comply with DOT FMVSS 218 and M2010. Most revealing is the assessment of the CPSC (Commission for the Safety of Consumer Protection), which is a real guarantee. This is a compulsory certification for the sale of helmets in the United States. But unfortunately, the use of the helmets is unequalled throughout the state.

  • Weight

Does wearing a helmet make your head heavier? Then you need to take another good look at the helmet you’re using. He’s not lost. A wide range of lighter and heavier models are available on the market. In general, the stronger the helmet, the heavier it is.

The most commonly used material is ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) and Polycarbonate. This is normal for short trips. But during a longer transport your neck will hurt, which will lead you to another problem. Lighter, more aerodynamic and lighter helmets in the neck area. They are made of thermoplastic hulls.

  • End shield

The choice of a helmet with face protection is very important. There’s something for everyone. A vision mask is recommended for normal cyclists. It protects your face from vermin, dirt, dust and wind. They can cause fatal damage at higher speeds.

Another option is the half visor, which protects the upper half of the face. They have better vision and their eyes are well protected. These helmets are designed for the average user.

These are thermoplastics or fibre-reinforced composite materials. It’s a solid thing. The impact force is absorbed by the compression and is effectively absorbed, dissipating the destructive energy long before it can be transferred to the head.

  • Shock-absorbent coating

This is the second area of defense. A thick layer of polystyrene padding absorbs and dampens the remaining shocks.

  • Field of view

Avoid helmets that do not provide a full and continuous field of vision. Compromises can be fatal. The area of the eyepiece must be enlarged to give you a full field of vision, including a suitable peripheral area. It must have top shut-off valves so that you can use the shut-off options.

  • Type
  1. Open face– You should smoke or scratch your face. Maybe it’s hot and you need some wind in your face. If you’re a Harley pig and you have to tell a joke or listen to what’s going on around you. Then this guy will face you with admiration. They also have fewer blind spots. A warning: Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses.
  2. Full Face– Covers your entire face and provides maximum protection from the elements, noise and vermin. You don’t have to wear extra sunglasses. Aerodynamically, they’re superior.
  3. Modular or Reversed– This type is a hybrid of the two types above. The model is divided into two parts: top and bottom. The bottom flap can be turned upside down and you get a half-open helmet. So in the end, you get the best of both worlds. For testing purposes they are considered complete. Be careful, riding with an open helmet is a crime if it is not approved.
  • Comfort

Two characteristics contribute to the comfort. One of them is the weight. Lightweight helmets fit easily and do not stress the neck during long runs. Secondly, it must have a high-quality ventilation mechanism. Noise reduction is next on the list.

  • Ventilation

Good ventilation is extremely important for comfort and health. Fresh air keeps the head under the lid cool and fresh. The top and side entry and exit openings and the distance between them must be carefully examined. The ventilation openings must be designed so that they can be used with gloves.

A good ventilation system should ensure a good wind flow to the face and head. The possibility of a full stop is mandatory. Slits in the chin are very desirable because they prevent the Wazir from fogging up.

  • State law

In the United States there are three separate regulations that can be adopted by states: general law, partial law and no law. The federal government has always tried to encourage states to apply universal law. Reportedly, 97% of drivers in states that have adopted the Universal Law wear a helmet, 87% of whom meet federal safety standards. World law applies to both the rider and the million.

19 states have adopted a universal law, 28 have some laws and 3 have no laws.

  • Warranty

It’s an important consideration, just like buying a new engine or something else. People who have bought lower class helmets may not be so special, but for those who have seriously invested it is a different perspective.

We must first ask ourselves when the countdown starts. This is usually the date of purchase. Or it could be the production date. Sometimes it’s both. But in all fairness, it has to be from the date it came into your hands.

Another aspect is knowing exactly what is covered. In principle, buyers are protected against manufacturing defects or defective materials. Damage to the helmet as a result of a collision or if the helmet has been modified in any way that affects the integrity of the helmet is not covered. Manufacturers use vague terms such as incorrect storage and misuse to mock.

The duration of the guarantee can be 12 months, 3 years or 5 years, which is the maximum duration offered.

Last words

Our team has done its utmost to test these products, because they are very important for safety, but also for the vulnerable part of the body – the head. We have many comments from users, spoken with manufacturers and experts, and we believe that if that is not all, we have the most important details. Landing, weight and cooling are important factors when choosing a helmet. You will be tempted to choose a helmet with bright eyes to avoid these considerations, which you will probably soon understand. But if you cover him, you found his helmet. However, please read the instructions carefully. There is simply no excuse not to wear a helmet, a trait your children should learn as a model. Be careful, buy one of the best scooter helmets and enjoy the ride responsibly.

Other FAQs

What is the best fit for a scooter helmet?

  • With a full-face helmet, the cheeks and the helmet must remain in contact with the sides of the helmet as you turn your head back and forth, i.e. the helmet must move with your head. If the head rotates freely, the helmet is too big.
  • The chinstrap should only leave two fingers between the strap and the jaw.
  • Place your hand on the back of the helmet and push it forward. Now try to slide your little finger between the hole in the Wazir’s helmet lining and your forehead. If there is a space that contains more than the tip of your little finger, you have a bigger helmet.
  • With your chinstrap closed, push your chin up with one hand. The helmet, if you move it, it’s too big. Place your hand on the back of the helmet and press up this time. Same result? The helmet’s too big.
  • Finally, put on your helmet for at least 10 minutes to measure the sensation. Hidden pressure points appear.

How are the dimensions of a scooter helmet measured?

The circumference of your head on your forehead is the dimension we’re looking for here. The dimensions of the helmets reflect this dimension. The measuring tape should be tight and aligned in the ears, on the forehead and around the natural skull bone at the back of the head.

How much do cascading helmets cost?

Available for less than $100, and high-end models for $1000. You can get pretty decent helmets in the range of $150 to $200.

Is it compulsory to wear a helmet for scooters?

Many states have their own laws in this area and you are not required to wear a helmet. But in the end it’s good to wear a helmet, not the other way around.

Can I use my scooter helmet for cycling?

In general, a CPSC-certified helmet can be used for cycling and scooter riding, but not for other activities such as mountain biking or longboarding.

Which scooter helmet is considered the safest?

The V-17 shaver is a good choice because it is suitable for both adults and children. The call qualification is another good choice. In any case, an integral helmet is the safest.

Do I have to wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter?

Absolutely. A lot of people refrain from doing it because they are trying to look cool or don’t want to mess up their hair. But it’s only fair to wear a helmet. In some states it is not compulsory to wear a helmet.

Which countries are exempt from helmet legislation?

There are no helmet laws in Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire.

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