Commute Safely Under The Pandemic? Try Thunderstruck Jackal Electric Bikes! – Full Review (2021)

Thunderstruck Jackal

Are you an all-terrain bicycle buff? Well, here’s a good one for you and it is called Thunderstruck Jackal. The bike is a rugged electric cycle that delivers the extreme performance you desire. And, because the Jackal runs fueled by electric power, then by all means expect an environment-friendly ride.

Faster In Speed

The Thunderstruck Jackal can achieve speeds of up to 45 miles per hour with wicked acceleration at the mean weight of 130 pounds. Four 12V 20 Ahs B7B AGM SLA batteries ignite the bike’s 48V, 15pkhp, permanent magnet, and brush DC motor to give you the desired cruising speed while a sprocket, #35 chains, and a 60-72t chainring are utilized for its transmission.

Easier Controls

Moreover, the Jackal facilitates maximum cruise control with its built-in programmable controller, the AMP Altrax. The programmable unit allows you to alter the settings to suit your speed and acceleration preferences, all for a better riding experience.

Amazing Colours

Aesthetically, the Jackal sports a pleasing frame. The bike comes retailed in 3 powder-coated colors of gloss black, green and safety orange that become visible under direct sunlight to create a shimmering impression. The rudders are definitely impressive as well with a 7″ front wheel travel or a super strong 20″ wheel and 5″ at the rear. Front breaks are located on the right-hand side while rear breaks are located on the left-hand side.

Better Batteries

The regular charging time for the Jackal’s batteries usually takes 4 hours. However, with a Soneil charger, you could complete 90% of charging in just 3 hours. The custom model is now bundled with a Soneil 3.5A CC charger for silent charging.

A charging upgrade would most likely cost an additional $175, but this would definitely cut charging time to only 2 hours. Charging recovery time is at 5 miles per hour, with a 20mph upgrade available. To extend the useful life of these batteries, make the first 10-15 cycles short and always recharge your bicycle promptly.

It would also be highly convenient for you to maintain at least two of these chargers. Keep one at the office, as you would most probably have one at home. This way, you got a ready charger in both locations whenever you find the need to recharge.

The Jackal currently retails at $3700. Note that a number of states require a certain speed limit but then again you can always adjust the Jackal’s output power to conform to the limits prescribed by state laws.

The Jackal was jointly developed by Thunderstruck and Rotator Recumbent Bicycles, based in Northern California. Thunderstruck is bent on producing straightforward, quality bicycles that perform well and are easy to maintain.

Thunderstruck on the other hand is a drag racing giant that retails electric vehicles and components and supplies EV components to manufacturers and individuals creating their own electric vehicles. Thunderstruck is also known for the release of 100% Biodiesel powered cars among other popular models to its name such as AC Motorcycles, Roadrunner & Woodpecker, Prima Electric bikes, and Big boy Toys. Together, Jackal and Thunderstruck worked at optimizing the Jackal Power and Drive system that led to the production of the Thunderstruck Jackal.

Maneuver at lightning speeds with the convergent technologies of Thunderstruck and Jackal, now achievable in one fine electric bicycle unit. With Thunderstruck Jackal, experience only an exhilarating ride that won’t come at the expense of the environment.

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