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Oxygen Electric Scooters

Are you hip? Are you cool? Do you want to look and feel good while working on those errands around the neighborhood? The Oxygen Lepton is just the right electric scooter for you.

Italian-made Oxygen Lepton electric scooters are environment-friendly. The cycle units harness electric energy through the rechargeable batteries that power its run.

Thus, these do not burn fossil fuels for combustion. Named after an atomic particle, the Lepton is manufactured under strict standards of safety compared to other Asian motorbikes that are sold cheaper.

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Oxygen Lepton can achieve an impressive speed of 28 mph to cover distances of up to 31 miles. The frame is made out of tubular, high resistance steel that makes it rock-solid. The finish also comes protected against rust and corrosion. Lepton weighs around 230 pounds and measures 48.82″ at the wheelbase.


Oxygen Lepton units are available in three cool colors including red, silver, and black. Accessories such as horns, mirrors, lights, onboard chargers, and a special anti-theft security system can be bundled with the package.


The Lepton electric scooters are powered by a brushless motor with permanent magnets.
They also come outfitted with a quick and quiet acceleration system. The batteries that power the Oxygen Lepton are standard-sized battery packs that weigh 30.8 kilos. The motor and drive mechanism is enclosed and batteries could be found at the bottom, near the rider’s feet, to provide ease in operation as well as to aid in sudden stops.


Regular charging time for Lepton’s battery normally takes five hours, under an in-take voltage of 230 volts. Two models and variations are manufactured for the Lepton. One is approved for distribution in Italy while the other model is retailed in the United States. The Lepton models likewise differ in terms of battery utilized. The cheaper version uses lead-acid batteries while the more expensive model uses nickel-zinc.


Oxygen Lepton is an ideal electric scooter for riders who regularly cover distances of around 30 miles or less. Moreover, these bikes are cheaper and almost maintenance-free.

Oxygen Lepton scooters are distributed in the United States through independent dealers and distributors. These scooters currently retail at $2000 with the 44-amp battery and $2100 with the 50-amp battery package. Though it may be more expensive compared to its Asian counterparts, you can always be are assured of its top-notch quality and performance.

The Italian company Oxygen S.P.A, together with the US-based nickel and zinc battery manufacturer Evercel, established the company under an employee buyout of one of Italy’s oldest bicycle makers, Atala-Cesare, and concentrated on the production of electric-powered transportation.


At the helm, the pioneers of the company wanted to manufacture a stylish electronic bike that is earmarked by top standards of quality, speed, and performance. Eventually, these scooters came to address the demand of Italians for stylish, sexy, and speedy electric vehicles.

So dare to be different. Get your own Lepton scooter now and flaunt your trendy side. Made by Oxygen, this element is essential to human life. Now make it an essential component of your lifestyle as well.

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