Electric Bike For Work Under Pandemic: E-Runner Scooters – Full Review (2021)

E-Runner Scooters

E-Runner electric scooters have piqued the interest of the environmentally conscious. Because of the great demand for green vehicles, many companies have shifted focus. They are now into the production of electric scooters that best appeal to consumers.

Although recent models are far from perfect, at least a huge amount is now placed for the research and development of future generation electric-powered scooters. The future may see a world community that is devoid of fossil fuel pollution, a richer population, and above all a cleaner environment.

A company that invested resources into this endeavor is GreenEMotors Inc., based in Santa Clara, California. Several E-Runner models had been already produced by the company to enjoy brisk sales in the market today.


One model is the E-Runner 160 and the other, E-Runner 220. Both vehicles are powered by a 1600-watt and 2200 watt battery respectively. Recharging time for batteries is 4 hours (80-percent) and full charge within 6 hours.


The E160 runs at a maximum speed of 30mph, while the E220 checks in at 42mph.


Of the two, the E160 has a more basic design (analog dials on the dashboard, no clock, different headlight), while the E220 displays a more sophisticated cosmetic appeal. The two models run on a sealed brushless dc induction motor, devised to be maintenance-free and outlive the serviceable life of the body frames.

Shock Absorbers

Consumers are treated to a comfortable ride with sets of oil-filled shock absorbers installed on both wheels.


The front wheel has a reliable disc brake system and the rear is equipped with a conventional brake drum assembly.

Lights, Mirrors And Horn

The E-Runner is street legal with DOT-approved headlights (both high and low beam), taillights, stoplights, turn lights, rearview mirrors, and a horn.


Both types of E-Runner have ample storage spaces, a small lockable trunk under the seat, and a small cargo rack behind the seat.


The E-Runner operates like a standard petrol-powered scooter as you turn a key and the powerful electric motor springs to life. Unlike the normal scooter that has up to four-gear configuration, the E-runner has only the equivalent low gear that can be used during start-up and for steep climbs (up to 20-percent slope) and the high gear when cruising at high speeds.

Should you wish to slow down, applying the brakes is not necessary since releasing the throttle would do the trick, while hitting the brakes stops the vehicle and automatically shuts off the motor. The machine is also provided with a speed limiter, should one wish to stay on the bike lane since the maximum speed tolerated is only 30mph.


The maintenance problem is nil since the E-Runner has only one moving part but special attention must be geared towards worn-out tubeless tires, creaking brake pads, and burned-out light bulbs.

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