Electric Cruiser Bikes Under $2600: E-Ton Scooters – Review (2022) | Driving Under COVID-19

E-Ton Scooters

The E-ton electric scooters are solving a problem in one of Asia’s largest cities. Taiwan, a bustling metropolis of 23 million inhabitants, is having problems with smog brought about by the industries that use fossil fuels.

Since Taiwan relies mostly on motorcycles as the major form of transport for its inhabitants, the government aims to reduce pollution by using electric power for the 10 million scooter units on the road. A subsidy of sorts has been provided to interested companies to do research and develop a viable alternative. JI-EE Industry Co., Ltd, a giant auto parts manufacturer accepted the challenge and has so far placed a series of models in the market. The most important model to date is the E-ton E-power electric scooter.


The E-ton E-power is an all-electric twin-wheeled vehicle cloned after a “Vespa Style” scooter. The electric powertrain delivers a top speed of 40 mph on level terrain and the 26AH battery pack is good for a maximum distance of 34 miles of sustained driving. This typical scooter is heavy at 243 lbs but is a wonder on the road, it is easy to maneuver and can cut corners even at top speeds. It has a wheelbase of 48.6 inches that contributes to its riding stability on the road.


The rear wheel sits on a torsion spring suspension system and both wheels have hydraulic shock absorbers to cushion the impact and provide comfort even on uneven terrain. The wheel is a balloon-type 3 x 10 inches nylon tubeless tire that absorbs road beating. And to give precise stopping power it has a hydraulic brake drum system. Changing gears while in motion is easy because it is equipped with a CVT automatic transmission system.


Recharging the E-ton E-power battery pack is simple, just plug it into a normal house 110 or 220v outlet, and full charging could be attained in four and a half hours. The E-power has a self-contained charging system so a bulky battery charger is not necessary especially when covering long distances. It is equipped with state of an art battery indicator, a high/low beam headlight, a brake light, signal light, taillight, a pair of rearview mirrors, a horn, and a reliable speedometer/odometer.


The only problem is, for the moment it is only available in one color, red. But, in due time I’m sure more hues will proliferate the market.


Is it available in the US? The answer is definitely yes. The E-ton E-power is exported not only to the United States but also practically to all the major centers in Europe. The E-power has passed all the major tests of the DOT and all other State regulations. It is now displayed in select showrooms around the United States and is backed up with a reliable service crew and scooter spare parts.


For those really interested the retail price comes at around $2,500.

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