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Evader Scooters

The Evader Corporation has the most advanced electric motor scooters and mopeds worldwide. Evader’s transport vehicles are known to be reliable and affordable because it has a selling price lower than most of its competitors.

Evader’s motor scooters achieve high-performance levels because of the advanced technology used for their electric motor, controller, and battery.

The company is currently developing electric motorcycles that will one day compete with conventional motorcycles. Evader Corporation is environmentally concerned. It has committed to minimizing the use of the world’s fossil fuels in order to improve the quality of air. Evader Corp. also aims to promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles globally.

The Evader Motor Scooters

Evader electric scooters are categorized as Motor-Driven Cycle but often end up mixed with scooters, mopeds, or peddle bikes. Evader electric scooters are cost-effective because charging will only cost you and 5 to 45 cents per charge.


They also require low maintenance because these scooters only have about 10-percent moving parts and there are no belts or chains. Any Evader dealer can work on the maintenance of these units as well.


In cleaning the Evader, power should be turned off because it is electric in nature. Water should not be directly rushed on the seating area because the batteries are placed in that location and on the motor that is likewise part of the rear wheel.

Moreover, when it not in use, the electric scooter must be kept in a covered area in order to minimize instances of battery drain. It is also advisable to charge the battery every month to prolong its useful life.

The Evader EV 1000


The Evader EV 1000 is a single-headlight model series. It is ideal for commuter transportation because it is quite easy to operate. The Evader EV 1000 can be used in city cruises, going to the park, or for short-distance errands. It also offers everything else that a rider would need in his travels.

The cycling unit is equipped with an EPIC controller and a HyperDrive button that gives off the power needed for an uphill climb or while cruising congested streets. Likewise, the Evader EV 1000 has a seat cut-off switch that prevents the occurrence of accidents when it does not have a rider and the unit is accidentally turned on.


The Evader EV 1000 is a 180mm x 680mm x 1150mm electric scooter. It weighs 312 pounds and is designed only for a single rider. The Evader also operates on a 1000-watt DC Brushed motor. The range and speed of the Evader EV 1000 do not differ at night or day.


It can achieve a maximum speed of 30 mph and a maximum range of 30 miles on a full charge battery. The Evader EV 1000 uses 4 12V 45AH sealed lead acid gel batteries that are recharged at an average time of 2 to 6 hours. Its initial charging time usually reaches 12 hours which can be charged on a normal wall outlet of 110v or 220v. The batteries will last 700 cycles before it needs to be replaced.


The Evader EV 1000 costs approximately $2500. It can also be purchased with a multi-functional backpack that can be attachable to the rear storage mount of the scooter.

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