EVT 4000E Electric Scooter Reviews (2022)

EVT Scooters

EVT Technology, Ltd., a world-renowned scooter manufacturer, is the patented developer of the Direct Driven Hub Motor used on the EVT 4000-Electric Scooter. The technology has a hub embedded. It also sports a cost-effective feature that consumes a lesser amount of energy than its counterpart in the market.

EVT scooters are distinctively designed with no chains and gears; thus, transmission loss is not possible. The remarkable performance of EVT’s electric scooters has gained for them international approval from the EU, USA DOT certificate, Australia ADR certificate, EEC certificate, and Canada CMVSS. The popularity of their scooter is instrumental in the business expansion in many countries such as parts of the European Union, the Middle East, and rag-tag countries that were once part of the old Soviet Union.

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EVT electric scooters are designed to be user-friendly and exhibit low maintenance due to their unique, powertrain direct drive system. Its modular components on the other hand need no pampering as they are very durable, but the owner has to take a few trips to the scooter dealer for its regular maintenance, especially within the warranty period. Tires, brake pads, and burnt light bulbs are the only parts that need to be changed and most replacement items are readily available with most scooter outlets.

EVT 4000-E

EVT 4000-E is a motor-driven cycle that weighs approximately 280 pounds together with the batteries. It can accommodate 2 adult passengers at a total weight limit of 330 pounds and operates through a 48V brushed hub motor that could cruise a distance of 45 miles. The scooter can achieve a maximum speed of 30 mph but can even go a bit faster at 35 mph when driven across flat terrain in power mode.

The powerful battery pack is a 4 Sealed Lead Acid Long WP50-12NE assembly. Instead of an onboard charger, the EVT 4000-E uses an external charger that can be conveniently stored under the seat, and charging time for batteries depends on the rate of mileage covered. Since the battery pack does not have onboard memory, it can be charged whenever the owner wants to, at the office or at home with a regular 110v or 220v outlet. A totally drained battery will approximately become fully recharged in 3 to 4 hours. Battery life could last for up to 2 years or more depending on the mileage covered before it needs to be replaced.

EVT 4000-E Reviews

The EVT 4000-E is a comfortable scooter that is well balanced because the heavier part (the batteries) is located in the center. It has an outstanding suspension system that promotes a comfortable ride and its throttle design is better than any other 50cc moped. Switching to power mode while cruising increases its speed but also reduces the full charge range to approximately 15 miles. It is advisable that one uses the economy mode when in a busy street and shift to power mode particularly on the freeway.

An EVT electric scooter is environment-friendly and perfect for individuals who want to help preserve the environment without having to sacrifice so much. It suits well with city commuters that have to go to work every day since this would considerably reduce transportation expenses. It can also be used to move around the city without the hassle of finding a parking space. If you want to switch on better transport, choose the EVT 4000-E. It will only cost you around US$2200.

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