EVT Scooters in 2022: Full Review | COVID-19 Light Electric Vehicles Recommendations

EVT Scooters

EVT Technology Co. Inc. is one of the first manufacturers of quality, full-size electric scooters in the United States. While many of its competitors have long retired from the business, EVT managed to sustain its operations and continues to develop novel designs for the market to this day.

Lesser Fuel

Upholding its commitment to a pollution-free environment, the company extensively innovates and develops electric scooters that consume lesser fuel as well as operate with a noise-free mechanism. The EVT Technology is the sole electric scooter manufacturer to pioneer its own technology called the Direct Driven Hub Motor that is currently driving some of the finest electric cars in the industry. Aside from assembling electric scooters, EVT likewise produces major scooter parts such as motors, controllers, chargers, and converters.

Quieter Ride

EVT electric scooters are known for their distinct designs and tip-top performance. Notably, EVT scooters provide a suave and quiet ride because their motors and parts do not vibrate and likewise emit no sound. The wheels are the only moving parts of the EVT scooter. EVT scooters do not come with conventional parts such as gears, pistons, and chains. And, since it is an electric scooter it does not require change oil, tuning, and of course no need to feed its engine with gasoline.

Fewer Changes

Gas-fed motors require keen maintenance because of the cohesive nature of their parts. With EVT scooters, the wheel bearings are the only parts to endure metal-to-metal abrasion; thus, most of its parts hardly wear out. To keep the scooter in good running condition, only the motor brushes require changing once in a while apart from performing regular check-ups on tires and brake pads, typical for most vehicles.

Better Battery

It doesn’t cost much to recharge the battery pack of an EVT electric scooter. The charger consumes only 2 kwh when the batteries are drained.

Likewise, charging the battery pack is a breeze since the charger does not require a special outlet and will work fine with the available 110v or 220v outlet at home. The owner is likewise at liberty to charge the battery whenever he discerns the need to do so, even before the battery gets fully drained to save you on charging time. The company features both the EVT 4000-E and the EVT 168 electric scooters.

Better Design

The EVT 168 electric scooter is popular for its retro style and the advanced technology that runs its system. The EVT 168 is specifically designed for cruising on public roads, ideal for most commuters. Weighing approximately 282 pounds with the batteries attached, the EVT 168 scooter can however accommodate only a single rider with a maximum weight of 330 pounds. Speed-wise, the EVT 168 can sprint at speeds of 30 mph given its powerful 1500-watt direct drive hub motor, to cover distances of 45 miles at a steady speed of 15 mph while running on flat terrain and on a completely charged battery pack.

The four sealed lead acid batteries powering the EVT 168 scooter fully charge in a matter of four hours and have a useful life of up to two years if properly handled. Purchasing the EVT 168 will cost about US $3000 including the rear box, windshield, and rain cover.

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