eZee Electric Bike Review (2022) – 3 Best Value Budget Bicycles To Buy

eZee bikes fill a niche for those who tend to overdo it. After some time on the road, bicycle riders will tire, contemplate turning back, or when he has covered some distance, rest and in some cases call for help to reach home.

This not only defeats the purpose of a good exercise but creates additional expenses as well. So, to make bike riding pleasant, eZee bikes was developed precisely to help riders in such predicament.

Small Electric Bike for Adults and Teens

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Best Small Electric Bike for Adults and Teens

Very good for the price. Sturdy and good battery – These are great bikes. They are very sturdy, and the battery really lasts ,the battery can also be removed when you know you won’t be using it, or when you’re charging it. It is GREAT that this has disc brakes to slow down the power of an electric bike.

Jetson Electric Bike Comfort-Bicycles

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Best Jetson Electric Bike Comfort-Bicycles

Bike is smooth, quiet, fast and attractive. – Excellent small electric bike. Handle bars fold down which makes it easy to carry or put into your vehicle. Good for sightseeing and quick runs to the store if you don’t feel like driving. Bike is smooth and runs quiet.

Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 

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Best Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 

Excellent quality bike! The electrical stuff is also high quality, battery charges quick, and lasts. About15miles (with hills) so far and it’s only used less the half the battery. . easy to assemble. Smooth confident ride ! love this ! Great customer service from Bike Company also !!! Fun, Fun, Fun !!!!!

What is are eZee bikse?

An eZee electric bike is designed to perform like a bicycle, to pedal in order to move, but is provided with electric power should this become necessary. Like riding uphill, where to use the pedal would mean physical exhaustion, or probably riding home after a long grind. Riders can now visit distant places and they can pedal all the way where their stamina can take them to depend on the bike’s electric power on their way back.

This is the brainchild of eZee Kinetics Technologies of Shanghai and has been in the English market for some time. The distributor in England is “50cycles.” In the US market, the importer is “Nycewheels” together with “Electric Vehicles Northwest.” A full charge of the eZee bike’s NiMH or Li-Ion batteries can travel a total distance of 30 miles with pedal and electric power combined. Its maximum speed is a smooth 15mph.

What are the types available in the market?

Aside from the aesthetic qualities that eZee electric bikes enjoy, it can be for commuter’s everyday use, for it comes with lights, fenders and racks, a signal system, and even a bike computer. The bike is lightweight due to its high finish aluminum frame and has an advanced 36-volt brushless motor for a smooth and quiet operation.

There are currently four models in the market. One is the eZee Quando Electric Folding Bike. This type folds to save on storage space or provide ease while traveling. It likewise gives commuters feather-like comfort because of the rear suspension added to the bike. It retails in the market at US $1,200.

Next in line is the eZee Sprint Electric Bike, becoming popular because of its versatility. It is driven by a 350watt brushless motor that can increase to 700 watts, particularly during quick take-offs and instant acceleration. With the motor off, the eZee Sprint functions as a regular bike with all its seven-speed gears conspiring to give a smooth ride.

The third model in the market is the eZee Torq Electric Bike, the lightest in our full-size eZee bikes at 49.5 lbs including batteries. The design is a mimic of an ordinary bicycle, for it has a smaller motor and a very light body frame. The eZee Torque has a Euro feel and longer miles, perfect for bike trails across the country.

The highest-end eZee bike in the market is the eZee Forte Electrical Bike since it provides transport to commuters wherever they may want to go. It has the Shimano 8-speed twist-grip gear-shift control that is used efficiently with traffic lights and while accelerating. An eZee bike, according to advocates, is the ultimate in electric bike technology.

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