Is Skeuter Electric Scooters Good? E-Cruiser Bikes Review (2022) | COVID-19 Purchase

Scooters Of Skeuter 

Skeuter Inc. a Company based in Los Angeles, California that is one of the proponents of the noble endeavor of promoting green vehicles. Skeuter aims to float different versions of two-wheeled vehicles that are absolutely emissions-free.

Models Under Skeuter

Skeuter is a company that manufactures electric-powered scooters that are now available nationwide. There are at least three models released in the market; the Skeuter I, the Skeuter Z, and the Skeuter Condor.

All three models run on brushless induction motors with only the Skeuter I fitted with a 600w powertrain and the other two being 1500 w versions. Each one is supplied with a 48v Sealed Lead-Acid battery pack or the much dearer, lightweight, and longer-life Lithium-Ion battery.

Batteries Of Skeuter E-Bikes

Batteries of the Skeuter can be charged directly to a conventional 110 or 220v conventional house outlet. Charging time is between 4 to 6 hours and each charge is good for 20 to 30 miles for Skeuter I and 40 miles for the other two models. All three models have complied with the stringent measures imposed by the DOT and have passed all tests conducted by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Most states require vehicle registration and driver’s licenses for those over 16 years of age.

Features Of Skeuters E-Bikes

Safety features of the Skeuters include the dependable front disc brakes and the conventional brake drum on the rear wheel. A comfortable ride is guaranteed with a pair of hydraulic shock absorbers on the two wheels providing superb handling potential. Also included with the package are a remote control alarm and the latest version of the Wolf controller and motor tuned combination. Standard with the unit is the headlight (exhibits high and low beam qualities), the park light, the stoplight, the signal light, the horn, and the rearview mirrors.

Warranty Of Skeuter E-Bikes

As in all equipment, a warranty is a must. All Skeuter electric scooters are provided with one full year for all machine components except consumables like burnt light bulbs, nylon tubeless tires, and worn-out brake pads. The battery carries a six-month warranty.

Maintenance Of Skeuter E-Bikes

Maintenance of the unit is minimal. Most likely, the motor will last together with the body frame. What is necessary is to replace used brake pads and burnt light bulbs. Consumers will never endure high maintenance costs for the Skeuters series. A team of experts is in hand to likewise assist riders in any way, over problems or defects related to the use of their scooters.

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