Kasea ZE Electric Scooters 1500/2000: Best eScooter In 2022? Full Review

Kasea Scooters

Kasea is the acknowledged leader in the development of original and new products for motorsports for the past 15 years. In fact, Kasea was the first company to import street legal scooters, ATVs, Go-karts, dirt bikes, and buggies from China to the United States.

ATV companies from Taiwan and China usually imitate Kasea’s designs and systems, but all of its products are EEC certified.

Kasea ZE Electric Scooters 1500/2000

The Kasea ZE scooter is one of the most popular electric scooters on the market because of its precise design, handling capability, and performance. Kasea ZE electric scooters even the number one scooter in Germany for quite some time now. The Kasea scooters are an ideal vehicle for college students and retired people for they can efficiently cruise through city traffic for errands.

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Kasea ZE scooters can also traverse 40 miles of the highway so the scooter is also ideal for recreation and travel. The Kasea ZE is the only electric scooter that has standard 12″ wheels with a large seat that can fit 2 riders.


It weighs 264 pounds with a carrying limit of 320 pounds. It is equipped with both the ZE 1500 watt and the ZE 2000 watt sealed brushless hub motor that is deemed maintenance-free.


The powerful electric motor delivers a maximum speed of approximately 42 mph and a maximum range of 51 miles. The Kasea scooter has high-performing hydraulic disk brakes on its front and rear wheels that provide precise stopping power to thus prevent accidents in intersections and on rugged terrains.


The unit utilizes a unique 8-6V/40A-silicon battery system that is designed exclusively for Kasea ZE scooters that can supply energy for up to 7 hours on a full charge.

A silicon battery is used since this provides a reliable energy resource, is environment friendly with no chemical residue, and is actually a safe technology that weighs lighter than the ordinary battery. Silicon batteries can also last more than 500 charges compared with only 300 for other scooter batteries. The Kasea ZE electric scooter has a dual charging system that reduces charging time by 50%.


The Kasea scooter model ZE 1500 costs around the US $2195 while the Kasea ZE 2000 retails at around the US $2900. It may cost more being an electric scooter, but the savings you generate will be enough compensation than having to worry about parallel expenses over the gas counterpart.

Moreover, electric scooters are almost maintenance-free, except for the tires, brake pads, and worn-out light bulbs that need to be replaced periodically. Besides your expense is minimal since a newly-purchased unit is covered by a one-year warranty on machine components and the batteries are good for 6 months.

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