Optibike Electric Bikes Review – Safe Commuting During Pandemic (2022)?

Optibike Electric Bikes

Optibike LLC is an electric bicycle manufacturer based in Colorado. Every Optibike released into the market is hand-built by professionals and likewise adheres to strict quality standards while maintaining safety and user-friendly functionalities in the design of its bikes.

Optibike electric bikes may hold a minor stake in the cycling business, however, they have captured a niche among performance-oriented riders who have experienced its all throughout the efficiency. Optibike electric bikes are generally lightweight at a weight range of 55 to 70 pounds per unit. These bikes also come outfitted with a full suspension, disk brakes, and an integrated charger with a built-in power cord that provides an efficient 2-hour run time. Moreover, an OptiBike is equipped with a compelling headlight, automatic shifting, and a computer port that is truly effective at troubleshooting.

Swagtron EB7 Elite Plus Folding Electric

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Best SWAGTRON EB7 Elite Plus Folding Electric

Fun and sturdy! – Beautiful well made bike. The color is amazing, it’s even better in person. The bike is firm, comes mostly assembled. It’s smooth as butter . The headlight is very bright and great for night riding. The speed is great, close to 20mph with pedal assist and almost 19mph on throttle only.
The bike is light and easy to carry and the folding mechanism is easy and intuitive.
Great and fun bike!

Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

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Best Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike 

Excellent quality bike! The electrical stuff is also high quality, battery charges quick, and lasts. About15miles (with hills) so far and it’s only used less the half the battery. . easy to assemble. Smooth confident ride ! love this ! Great customer service from Bike Company also !!! Fun, Fun, Fun !!!!!

Women’s Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

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Best Women’s Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

Most comfortable cruising bike – The best features are: how comfy the seat feels, the chain rail cover and the paint job. handlebars and the handbrakes were adjustable to your exact specifications .The bike was carefully padded in the box. The coloured assembly booklet had very specific instructions and about things that were already assembled. The bike was advertised as ‘comes 85% assembled’ and it was.

Razor MX650 Electric-Powered Rocket Dirt Bike

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Best Razor MX650 Electric-Powered Rocket Dirt Bike

A great electric bike for the price — Amazing electric dirt bike!!! every electric dirt bike out there, including the smaller and slower Razor models, but settled on this one based on reviews and that it went on sale amazingly cheap!! This little thing is great. A noiseless miniature dirt bike that doesn’t travel at breakneck speeds, is well constructed and although expensive, not outrageous

Optibike electric bikes attained global recognition when its bicycle conquered the largest Green Transportation Show, the Tour De Sol, and defeated hybrid cars such as Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. It was only in that show that electric bikes were granted participation because many still questioned the performance of electric bikes against that of hybrid cars. In view of the outcome of said affair, it has been proven, once and for all, that electric bicycles are more efficient than hybrid cars and should be strongly considered as a competent substitute.

An Optibike can manage a 25 to 30 mile run with its microprocessor-controlled electronic mechanism. The bike comes outfitted with a Shimano XT 7 speed gear that allows the rider to assist the motor regardless of speed. An Optibike can achieve a minimum speed of 20 mph when assisted by the battery alone; 25 mph if the rider pedals gently while forceful pedaling can attain speeds of at least 35 mph.

The Optibike 400t and 600t are the latest electric bicycle models released by the manufacturer. Though both models have similarities in terms of performance, style, and safety features, the 400t model can handle mileages twice to that of the 600t, thus, allowing the rider to achieve a longer mileage during drives.

The 400t also comes equipped with a Li-Poly Touring Battery that is fashionably designed with an MTX Touring Bag. The bag likewise contains pannier bags that are deemed useful during long rides. Moreover, it has an MTX Dual Duty wheelset and comes bundled with tools convenient in times of emergencies, such as tire changing tools and the all-purpose bike lube.

The 600t on the other hand is hailed as the best electric bicycle in the world by its many advocates. It can efficiently handle uphill climbs and even pull heavy equipment. This electric bike would definitely be able to run through any trail, free from the troubles of power loss or limited range. Hydraulic 6″ vented disk brakes are installed on the 600t model and the bicycle unit is bundled with the Fox Terralogic FX100, heavy-duty WTB Dual Duty Wheelsets, quick fixing tools, pannier bags, and a Li-Poly Touring Battery inside an MTX Beam Rack, when retailed.

These new models weigh around 69 pounds that is changeable based on the user’s preferences over accessories and wheel type. The Optibike 400t runs on a 400w motor power while a 600w motor propels the 600t model.

Both models however operate on a Brushless DC motor, 36-voltage system, and Derivative Power Motor Controller; and powered by rechargeable NiMH + Li-ion batteries with a capacity of 28-ampere hours that can run to a maximum mileage of 50 miles. The 400t model currently retails at $ 6995 while the 600t is retailing at $7995.

So why wait? Own an Optibike today and experience its top-notch performance that’s surely worth every buck.

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