Outfits For Bikers In 2022: Clothes For Comfort, Style, And Safety | Be A Stylish Cyclist

The iron horses they call motorcycles provide those who ride them a sense of freedom that only their fellow bikers can understand.

As different as the bikes and styles of riding each motorcyclist chooses, so is how they elect to dress when they ride.  For some, it’s all about safety while others dress for comfort and maybe even style.  Each form of motorcycle riding apparel has its pros and cons but at the end of the day, provides each individual rider with the exact balance of safety, style and comfort that he or she chooses to wear.

Wearing Leathers

Classic black leather is the ride and safety apparel of choice for the majority of the V-twin riding crowd.  A heavy leather jacket provides layers of protection from the road as well as a great barrier from the elements of nature.  Leather chaps also provide the same type of riding protection as a leather jacket.  While most of the V-twin riding crowd wears their leather riding gear primarily in cold weather, there are some safety conscious riders who leather up year round.

Sports bike riders are also very fond of their protective leather.  Void of the classic black jacket and chaps, worn by the V-twin biker, most of the sports bike riders outfit themselves in full leather riding suits.  It’s not about a fashion statement to these terrors of the twisties, their leather suits are very purpose-built with armour and additional layers of leather added to the potential skid zones.

Ensuring Your Safety

For the super safety conscious, there are those that wear the not so fashionable reflective tape vests.  Nobody will be handing out style points to those wearing these reflective vests, but one thing is for certain, the motorcyclist wearing this fashion of safety garb stands a much better chance of being noticed than the black leather-wearing biker.  Yes, safety is a style of motorcycle riding apparel.

Cruising Casually

Paying little mind to the latest fashion trends in motorcycle riding apparel, there are those who unintentionally miss all the stereotypical biker fashions simply because they do not put much thought into it.  These casual cruisers of the highway simply slip on a pair of jeans, pull a shirt over their head, jump into their riding boots and away they go.  These days this particular breed of the motorcyclist is almost a figment of the imagination as for most, it seems that what they wear is as important as their choice in the bike, the places they ride and the crowd they hang out with.  It’s simply a sign of the times, not good, not bad, just different.

Weekend Warriors

Not meant in a derogatory manner, the weekend warrior makes up the vast majority of motorcyclists hitting the roads and biker hot spots each and every warm weather weekend.  A well fitted pair of jeans that are worn to perfection, a crisp biker t-shirt and a perfectly folded bandana is the uniform of the day for the guys.  For the gals, it’s another perfectly folded bandana and their favorite sexy riding apparel.  The weekend warriors personify the photos of the bikers you see in all the free motorcycle publications and while there focus may seem to be on fashion and image, this does not take away from the biker in their blood.  Most riders that fall into the weekend warrior stereotype wear out enough rubber each summer to keep Goodyear in business.  The weekend warrior crowd loves to ride!

Wearing Shorts And Sandals

The first thing that comes to the mind of many when they see someone riding around wearing nothing more than shorts, sandals and a tank top is that they are “not too bright”!   While this may be the shared opinion of some, those that choose to dress in this manner know the hazards and embrace the freedom their choice in motorcycle riding apparel provides them.  An early evening cruse down the coast highway with the wind blowing through their toes might be their idea of living free!  As for many of those who share the “not too bright” opinion of the shorts and sandals wearing biker, they bare a certain degree of hypocrisy as few of those would frown on a biker babe perched on the back of a motorcycle wearing her Daisy Dukes, high heels and a bikini top!

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