Protective Clothing For Electric Scooters And Monowheels

What protection options or types of protective clothing are there?

Most commonly used are the following:

  • helmet
  • Gloves / hand protectors
  • elbow pads
  • knee pad

Protective clothing for driving an electric scooter or monowheel

Owning an electric scooter is something nice. Especially the slightly faster models are a lot of fun, especially for the younger generation. But there are also a few risks, especially if you don’t protect yourself adequately from accidents.

Of course, this is not legally required for most models, except for higher speeds, but you should definitely wear protective clothing when traveling with an electric scooter or monowheel!

Should I immediately put on protective clothing when I buy an electric scooter?

We strongly recommend this. However, the scope of discretion also depends a little on the performance or maximum speed of the electric scooter or monowheel.

With the children’s scooters, you can perhaps turn a blind eye, although this would also be very questionable. After all, it is mostly children who drive it. There are many different types of helmets: from simple bicycle helmets to professional motorcycle helmets. In any case, we recommend that you protect your head adequately, ideally completely.

When it comes to helmets, you should go to a specialist shop and try out a few models to see how well they fit. Sufficient safety can only be guaranteed if the helmet is the right size and fits the user. In the best case, the respective model should be worn for a few minutes to see how well it really fits. Another alternative, which in itself almost always provides sufficient protection, are the shell helmets as shown in the example image. These types of helmets also did very well for skating, where pretty similar speeds can be achieved. A very good option for aspiring scooter drivers, as there are many different variations and the price factor is quite low.

Which helmet should I take in order to be adequately protected when driving my electric scooter?

It should definitely be a well-known brand manufacturer who has a seal of approval or high quality standards. Cheap models cannot adequately protect the head even in the event of simple falls. It is also important that the helmet has a removable pad. So you can vary the helmet size a little and adapt the helmet perfectly to the respective head shape. In addition, you can then wash the inside and ensure adequate hygiene.

For faster scooters above 25 km / h, we recommend using a real motorcycle helmet, as is the case when driving a scooter, for example. The whole head must be protected and a visor should also be available so that your field of vision is protected. However, there are no regulations in this regard. Just test what suits you best.

Which parts of the body should still be protected?

Clearly you should be careful with your hands, after all, this is the first thing you use to catch yourself when you fall. Otherwise, it is still very advisable to  watch out for your knees and elbows , especially when riding a monowheel!

This type of “additional protection” is more about having it than about extremely high quality. Of course, leather gloves have better properties than cheap plastic gloves, but these are better than none at all! The hand bones and palms should be adequately protected, otherwise it is more a question of comfort. The same applies to the elbow and knee pads, the main thing is that the protection is actually there. As a rule, slightly cheaper products also serve the purpose pretty well here! We have tested some products and were extremely satisfied with them, so we recommend these for you here as well.

What else can I do to protect my body?

You should make sure that short clothing is not worn if possible. After all, this is also an important protection. A thick jacket in particular can provide good protection against wounds in light falls.

However, if you are careful, falls and accidents should not be the order of the day, because our recommended electric scooters have very stable driving characteristics!

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