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e-Go Cycle 2

With the trend toward reducing man’s carbon blueprint, eGO Vehicles Incorporated has designed the eGO Cycle2 electric scooter that runs on a charge and that is totally environment friendly.

The eGO Cycle2 is an electric scooter that fills the need of every Tom on the street. The eGO Cycle2 will serve as an alternative mode of personal transportation, especially when running errands. The design of the eGO Cycle2 has been culled from the motorcycle; only that this type runs on electric power. The eGO Cycle2 is safe, efficient, runs on an even surface at 23 – 24 mph, has a carrying capacity of 250 pounds (rider and cargo or a 100 lb. trailer cart), and can travel distances of up to 25 miles.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

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Best Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Fantastically Fun! – This is a fantastic scooter . It is easy to put together and is very fun to ride around on. It goes up hills with ease, and downhill with no power use at all. It is sturdy and very easy to control. Scooter is very easy to assemble however ours came with the front forks bent making it impossible to attach front tire

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

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Best Razor E200 Electric Scooter

The Perfect Scooter! – Great little electric scooters. These little scooters can MOVE! They are a lot if fun and they have held up well to all riding they get from the neighborhood kids! There is not a lot of assembly, just simply attach the handbar which is locked down using a clamp and tightened via 2 hex bolts. A tool is provided. Here is where the item goes sideways.

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

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Best Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Worth the money!! – This will free wheel which on downhills can wear on brakes for slowing down. The wheels are smaller than the old one but all in all it seems good for the price. It’s brakes are on rear which is good . It’s throttle is only go or not go. 

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

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Best Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter – Padded Seat

Top notch scooter for adults! – This is great. Definitely worth opting for “frustration free” packaging. Plus, the hub driven 500W motor is silent and powerful enough to get a fully grown adult up hills without issue. Rides like a dream — and the battery lasts long enough to tire out the dog you may be walking. It was worth paying a little bit extra for the stronger motor and the easy setup.

Consumers are aware that electric-powered vehicles have been in the market for quite some time, and the only drawback has been the unreliable powertrain and battery pack that seems to lose effectiveness as it ages. Not with the eGo Cycle2 because all known negative attributes have been addressed and improved. In fact, the new model according to Andrew Kallfelz, President of eGo Vehicles, “it (eGo Cycle2) makes the mundane exhilarating” to give a new dimension to electric-powered scooters.

What makes eGO Cycle2 different from the rest?

The eGO Cycle2 has been envisioned to go fast and really far. It is powered with a 1.5 kW motor (2.0 hp) or delivers 4,320 W and with carbon brush contacts. The drive system is supported by the patented eGO Whisper belt drive, a right-hand twist-grip throttle, a 10 segment LED display that continually monitors battery life, and to extend battery power has a built-in 6 amp internal charger. While idle, you can plug the eGO Cycle2 to a 100V to 250V 60 Hz socket, charging will attain 80-percent power in 3 solid hours while a 100-percent power can be had in 4 hours. The entire charging process costs a meager $ 0.08 dollars.

Among the safety features that come naturally with the eGO Cycle2 is the automatic braking system (front disc brakes and caliper rear brakes). The wheel is built with a 48 spoke double-wall alloy rim and hubs. The headlight is DOT compliant, and the eGO Cycle2 has a tail and brake light, front and rear directional signal lights, a horn, rearview mirrors, and reflectors. The frame of the eGO Cycle2 is made of anodized aluminum (strong and lightweight) and units are available in green, red, black, blue, and silver. Price ranges from a low of $1199 to a high of $1999.

This is the only vehicle in its class to meet DOT / NHTSA requirements that allow users to safely and legally ride on the streets and mingle with traffic. The manufacturer provides a warranty for the chassis good for 10 years, the two battery packs for 6 months, and the rest of the components for a year. You can charge and discharge your battery hundreds of times, but ideally, batteries need to be replaced after 8,000 miles.

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