Want A Better E-Bike In 2022? Giant Suede E: Full Review | Post-Pandemic Purchase

Giant Suede-E

Giant Bicycle Inc. is renowned in the cycle industry for its technological innovations, advanced quality control systems, and excellent customer service. Therefore, it isn’t a wonder why bicycles with the Giant label are very much popular among biking enthusiasts. The promise of reliability is largely manifested in the fact that these bikes hardly require regular maintenance in lieu of the longevity of their parts and mechanism. In manufacturing the most extensive line of bicycles in the world, Giant Bicycle seeks to respond to every biker’s dream of high-quality and top-performance designer bikes.

One of its more popular products is the electric-assisted bike. Released into the market are quite a number of bicycle models including the Giant LaFree Sport, Giant Lite, and Giant Suede E. One of its earlier models, the LaFree Sport, is pedal activated and powered by lead-acid batteries. Another model, the Giant Lite, is a lightweight version of the LaFree Sport. The latest model, Giant Suede E, comes equipped with throttle control to provide the rider with maximum cruising power.

Giant Suede E was launched as a light, comfortable, and stylish bicycle in 2005. The electric bike was specially designed for riders requiring utmost comfort and ease while coasting the busy city streets or hiking uphill destinations. Giant Suede E is best used when commuting or running errands. Moreover, driving the bike serves as an alternative form of exercise that precludes the need for a regular workout regimen at the gym.


At a glance, the Giant Suede E sure looks like any conventional bicycle. Looking further, one will however discover its stylish features. The bike is available in 2 Suede designs that vary only in terms of frame structure: the Suede E Slope-tube for men and the Suede E Step-Through for women.


On top of its impressive specifications is a 7-speed derailleur powered by a US-designed, Sanyo front hub motor. The bike sports a cruiser look that weighs approximately 56 pounds with the 9 AH/12 lb NiMh battery that fits into place on the frame with a key. A fully charged battery can stretch rides to at most 30 miles at a maximum assisted speed of 17 mph. The Suede E also comes outfitted with Giant’s patented dual control mode, the Variable Power Control System. The system provides riders with 3 power control options as follows:

  1. Pedal Activated Power Assisted.
  2. Throttle Control
  3. Cruise Control

Power-packed System

This power-packed system is perfect for riders who want to ride free from the efforts of continuous pedals, much like with the automatic transmission feature of cars. Power-assisted pedals only require light pedal strokes to activate cruising power. For an uphill climb, all it takes is a simple turn of the twist-grip throttle to achieve more power. If the rider prefers a pedal-less drive, holding down the throttle for about 3 to 5 minutes will activate the cruise mode.


The Suede E model currently retails at US $1075 and purchase comes bundled with the fenders, rear luggage rack, and suspension seat post. Previous buyers have nothing but positive feedback about this model. Moreover, the Giant label only reinforces its performance and reliability. The Giant Suede E is definitely the best electric riding option for biking enthusiasts.

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