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ElecTrec Bikes

ElecTrec bikes may just be the most advanced electric bicycles manufactured in the market today. Imagine the pleasure of riding a bicycle, free from the efforts of pedalling for speed, especially when mounting uphill locations. The electric propulsion mechanism outfitted into the Electric bike is bound to increase your cruising mileage to extensive proportions with electric-assisted pedals that allow you to effortlessly speed up your run while you ride comfortably to enjoy the sights and sounds.

ElecTrec is an independent manual and electric bicycle that gives a choice to drive pedal-assisted through its electric mechanism that powers up the motor or ride on full-assist without the need for pedalling at all. ElecTrec bikes sport a thumb-activated on and off switch that transmits electric power directly to the mains to assist your pedal efforts.

Bike Frame

ElecTrec bikes weigh 74 lbs, including the battery, and sports a metal frame of 17.5 inches in length with a Velo comfort gel saddle to comfortably seat the rider. The sturdy metal frame is manufactured from hi-tensile steel with dual shocks and an adjustable alloy stem. The handlebar stem of the bicycle can also be adjusted to a 60 degrees swing.


The earlier versions of the ElecTrec bikes were equipped with a 600-watt BMC brushless motor while the 2007 release sports a 600-watt Hi-Torque MAC motor. This motor smoothly transmits electric power without emitting so much noise. The 2007 model also comes outfitted with a direct drive freewheeling propulsion system and oversized bearings to provide increased reliability.

Battery System

The ElecTrec bike’s cycle unit comes operated by a 24 volt/14 amp battery system. The sealed lead-acid battery has a battery indicator of green-yellow-red on the battery case to indicate power level and can be recharged with 4 hours, 1.5 amp smart portable quick chargers. With its off-road type of wheels that measures 26 inches, this bicycle can sure strut smoothly even on a not-so-smooth terrain to achieve impressive speeds of up to 18 miles per hour.

Distance Covered

With a fully charged battery, you can cover distances at a range of 20 miles. Moreover, geared with an 8 speed Shimano twist grip system, you would not find it difficult to manoeuvre ElecTrec units. The bike quickly accelerates to provide you with top-notch speed and quality strength to manage those uphill climbs. Definitely, you will be assured of a suave drive.


For only $1000, you could own one of these high-end ElecTrec bikes. The top of the line features of the ElecTrec bike promises a great riding experience. You can check the cycle units from your favourite bicycle shops in town.

ElecTrec is manufactured by the cycle company Electrik Motion that distributes a wide array of bicycle and scooter lines to fit every rider’s requirement and preferences. The manufacturer employs experts who could assist you in the selection as well as maintenance of ElecTrec bicycle units.

What are you waiting for? Cruise in style with one of the brand new ElecTrec bikes today. It is definitely hip to own one.

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